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Once again you are in for an adventure with Drake and his friends; Sully, Elena and Chloe. This time you’ll visit various sites around the world, including Colombia, France and Arabia.

There’s good surprises already from the start of the game, and I’m afraid to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet. If you want to read the plot, there’s a great written one over at wikipedia (heavy spoilers). Let’s just take a quickly recap for what you’ll encounter as Drake.

The foursome is still awesome

Sully will of course be there, and both Chloe and Elena will be there too. The two women still don’t appear to like each other, but for the sake of money and adventure, they’ll stick it out. I know that Drake and Chloe used the be in a hot relationship of some sort, but I’m still not sure what goes on between Elena and Drake, other than they care a lot for each other, which we concluded at the end of Uncharted 2.

There’s an airplane crash, that you’ll survive by grabbing a crate and using the parachute attached to the box. You’ll be dragging Drake through a scorching desert and riding on horseback shooting the bad guys. There’s a heap of shootouts, a unique story with compelling characters, voice acting that tops the best movies, and you’ll also will be fleeing from the water on board a capsized ship, just like in the story of Poseidon. And of course there’s small treasures to be found throughout the environments, yes in plural. You’ll visit Colombia, France, Syria and Arabia. From open desert to small environments on planes and ships, climbing castles that reaches into the sky and looking at stars for clues.

When the credits rolled on my screen, I sat back and realised I have been through the whole gamut of emotions in the three days of intense playing (I got way too little sleep…) from tears pressing on the inside of my eyelids to jumping in my bed because I was surprised. Being happy to finally know how Sully and Drake met and wanting to hug Elena and Chloe again when they appeared. Not to mention the shear feeling of just laying back and looking at the graphics and the environment – more than once I simply stopped running, and made the camera go around just to watch where I was. I’ll this spiced up with Drake’s wit made it a seriously great experience.

Another great adventure for the fans

It’s the same once again. In a third person view, you’ll climb mountains, decayed buildings, underground caves, getting in heavy shootouts, and the biggest and best thing: explore amazing sights and buildings with epic scenery.

There’s a few enhancements from the former games though. The fist fights, animations and abilities therein have gotten a major overhaul since we last went on an adventure with Drake. More often quick time events occur, but this is due to how melee attacks and fist fight works, and I like how it works, giving you a sense of timing your attacks or dodging an attack from the opponent, just like you would if you were in a real fight.

Taking down enemies have been improved too. Now you can jump down on an enemy from above, make use of environment such as smashing bottles on your opponent or even pull the pin on the grenade attached to the opponent, ending the life of the poor bastard.

Friends are more helpful this time around

Puzzles are basically the same, though I don’t feel there were as many as in the first two games. Also, rather often you’ll either have one or more other NPC’s (that being Elena, Chloe, Sully or Charlie) alongside with you, so whenever you’re in a place with a puzzle and you don’t figure it out, the NPC’s are helping you out, mostly with clues and hints as what to do next.

The fist fights and gun shootings really does fill a lot in the game, which makes the game a tad repetitive – the amazing story, the great acting and beautiful sights make more than up for this one flaw. While the fist fights are fun and engaging, they get boring with time, as they are quite repetitive. Oh that big guy again? Same old way of taking him down – wait for the quick time events, and when he’s down, punch him in the head as many times as you can before he gets up.

While you really get a feel of moving a person when moving Drake in the game, I still get the feeling that he’s often out of balance like he can trip over at every moment. While running from something on different surfaces, this is perfect, but it doesn’t fit when you’re on a plain floor in a building.

Drake still got an awesome derriere

While it’s a new story in the same skin, and you feel right at home as Drake if you’ve played the previous games, the game will surprise you if you haven’t read too many spoilers. I highly recommend everyone interested to play this game without reading too much up on the game. I loved the story, it’s just as intense as the previous installments to the series, with the best part telling the story of how Drake and Sully met.

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