Twisted Metal

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The Twisted Metal franchise is back, more ruthless and better than ever. With quite a few recurring characters from the very first game, fans of the series are in for a treat.

Calypso rules the world more than ever – on top of organising the most dangerous races of all time, he now owns a worldwide media empire and reign as the tripartition being all the three of them; the judicial, legislative and the executive power. Trying to avoid any spoilers, the story consists of three parts; One with Sweet Tooth, the mental ice cream truck owner, dressed up as a very scary clown, one with mr. Grimm which is a rather unknown goth, and one with Dollface which is a mental (yeah about every character in this game is psychotic) supermodel that is more than willing to kill for reaching her goal: being a world famous supermodel.

What is your choice?

The game has plenty of characters/cars to choose from (throughout the story you will play as the three above mentioned characters, but can freely choose the vehicle ), and many of them is stars of earlier games in the Twisted Metal series. They have all had an overhaul, exchanged weapons and added new kind and types of weapons. Besides Calypso who aren’t playable, which I don’t think ever has been an option, there isn’t any other in game characters that isn’t playable. The following is a list of characters that has been starring in earlier games of the series along with the number(s) of the game in the series.

Reoccurring Characters/Cars

Sweet Tooth (I, II, III, IV)
Warthog (I, II, III, IV)
Outlaw (I, II, III)
Darkside (I, III)
Roadkill (I, II, III)
Mr. Grimm, now named Reaper (I, II)
Crimson Fury (I)
Axel (II, III, IV)
Shadow (II)

Info taken from Wikipedia and Giantbomb.

This time there isn’t boss stages per se, but challenges of varying degree. The objectives changes throughout the story mode; race, checkpoint race, kill some or all other opponents, and Juggernaut DM which need some elaboration. This mode requires you to take out one or two huge semi’s that are loaded with different weapons, including mines and and mega machine guns, before they unleash too many enemies out of the back. Yes, that’s right, they do spawn enemies at time intervals.

Difficulty is extreme, but the game is rewarding

While the game can be extremely frustrating at times – the Double Juggernaut event at Ghost Town Gulch comes to mind (here’s a link to a ign wiki page about the stage and frustrations) – it’s still huge fun. I haven’t been able to play online, and yet to play local multiplayer, but I can imagine it’s a little more fun than in the story mode against AI’s as they tend to gang up on the player – in some levels to the extreme, even on normal difficulty, but in those levels they are supposed to gang up on the player. But even when they are supposed to fight everyone in the level, they tend to fight for each other – just about when you are to kill one of them and they don’t have much life left and start to flee, or you have caught them in a corner, one of the other AI’s comes out of the blue and shove you away with whatever weapon they got, making it easier for the vulnerable AI to flee and search for health.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed (apart from the online that have some bugs according to forums and twitter) and people are in for a treat if they are looking for a good vehicular combat experience – the graphics are stunning, the cars and characters are very unique and the crude style makes the encounter complete.

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