Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Two of the greater PlayStation 2 games have gotten a reboot and hit the PlayStation Vita’s game library. Be ready to have a comprehensive experience on Sony’s latest gaming console.

In the second instalment, subtitled Sons of Liberty you are introduced to the game by getting the mission to infiltrate a ship. You’re on a mission to locate and prove the existence of a new super weapon going by the name Metal Gear. On the main mission you’re introduced to a new playable character and a couple years later after the previous mission. Here you’re on a plant on the sea, supposedly it’s there to clean up a mess after an oil spill. Just as on the ship, somebody else has infiltrated the place with malicíous intent, and you’re the only one to stop them. Now, get on and get the job done. Do remember there’s hostages – including a president – to be rescued.

Eat the snakes, Snake!

In the third instalment, subtitled Snake Eater, the virtuous mission is out in the jungle in the 1960’s Russia. A Soviet faction wants the power over the country no matter what, and internal battles has begun within the borders. A scientist have been caught in between as he have developed a rather powerful weapon. Your mission is to save that scientist from your enemies hands and get him to safety – and neutralise the weapon going by the name “The Shagohod”. Your main mission is to locate this weapon, and you’ll meet a lot of characters on your way, one of them being a fellow agent who’s helping you with valuable information and access to areas you couldn’t get into without her.

While both games made me rage and almost stop playing both after an hour of playtime, I got out on the other side and loved the games immensely. When I started up Snake Eater, I could not help myself from thinking how different a game it was from Sons of Liberty. Weapons degraded, I had no map at the top corner to let me know where the enemies was and frankly, I was confused and did not do well on my first try. I ended up starting over the game on the easiest setting possible, equipping me with a useful stun gun, that also made it easier to avoid getting spotted by the enemies. On the other hand, Sons of Liberty had big problems with the camera angling, as it was locked in one place – this was solved in Snake Eater by making it a third person view experience.

The smallest things

Both games bugged me with very small things – making for an impossible situation that took a huge amount of time to get out of or simply impossible because there was no way to know how to get further in the game. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to newer titles that always let a hint of what to do on the screen. A couple times I had to jump online and search for the solution, and it quickly appeared that I wasn’t alone – other players have had similar experiences with helpful players answering them in various forums. I can understand this issue with boss battles as the challenge is to find the weak point and learn the opponent’s movements, but a simple thing as to give food to your fellow AI to make them stand on the legs and walk, there were no instructions at all. Perhaps if I had thought hard and long enough about it, I might have found out the solution, but I just got frustrated at the time.

After getting used to the games, they were so much fun and enthralling that i couldn’t stop playing. The story – yes, singular as the two games are connected – is deep, and the characters connect to each other on so many levels that’s it hard to remember it all. Snake Eaters story is happening after Sons of Liberty, and both games makes cross references, revealing a lot of interesting plot points. Hideo Kojima has once again made a very emotional story with so much content it’s hard to believe that these games came out around 10 years ago (2001 and 2004). I love the personalities, both in friends and foes, and I love the fact that they’ve written out a story that could actually be true – like an alternative reality. Of course with certain elements out of the loop such as an electrified man.

Hit; Deep and emotional story and great gameplay once you’ve gotten a grasp on how to handle the enemy.

Miss; The games are old, and if I’ve played this on one of the bigger consoles, I would probably have complained about the graphics, but the games looks stunning on Vita. Camera angle problems in Sons of Liberty and troubling with keeping the overall overview of the situation on Snake Eater due to lack of radar. Both games had difficulty issues.

Need; Perhaps minigames for getting radars to work, unlock doors and take out the enemies could be fun.

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