Dust off your Wonderbooks: Diggs Nightcrawler is out!

I like the concept of Wonderbook, and I wished it got more popular so it had a chance of getting more games. At this point, I don’t expect more than Book of Spells (which was released alongside Wonderbook), this game and the Walking with Dinosaurs to be a supported Wonderbook-game. I am enjoying an entertaining […]

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Book of Spells review

You will be able to immerse yourself with Wonderbook and Book of Spells into the Harry potter universe like never before. Learn how to cast the spells you’ve heard in the movies and read in the books. As you buy Book of Spells, Wonderbook tags along in the package as this is the game Sony […]

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Wonderbook will make another genre emerge

With the risk of ruining it for myself later when I have to write the review for Book of Spells, In “Book of Spells”, you get the chance of put yourself into the Harry Potter universe, to be precise; in the library on Hogwarts. Wonderbook is Sony’s new… well.. Wonder. While we’re still getting used […]

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