The Walking Dead: Episode 5 review

Five months ago, Lee Everett was a convicted man heading to serve a lengthy prison term for a murder he may or may not have committed. How time flies. After five months of trying to survive against an ever-growing zombie horde, his story is finally drawing to a close, or so it seems. Telltale have […]

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The Walking Dead: Episode 4 review

The third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead threw players out of the pan and into the fire in terms of storytelling and the sheer emotion of that journey. That episode was going to be hard to beat, but Episode 4 attempts to take up the challenge. Did it succeed, or is this the […]

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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 review

Having just hit its intended August release window, the third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead shuffled into gamers’ hands. Although we’ve seen a top notch storyline from the developer over the last two episodes, many were disappointed with the framerate and sound issues that were encountered in Episode 2. Has Episode 3 got […]

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The Walking Dead: Episode 2 review

Three months on, the story continues… Despite the fact that the episodes can be bought in any order, players must go through Episode 1 before they begin Episode 2. Starved for Help begins with a montage of all of the player’s important decisions that they made during Episode 1. The group of survivors are exactly […]

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The Walking Dead: Episode 1 review

Zombies are everywhere; they’re the current fad. Modern gamers have been programmed to think that zombies are bad and humans are good, that zombies must die at all costs. Point-and-click veterans Telltale Games are aiming to put another perspective on the genre, where the divide between good and bad is more blurred. Episode one is […]

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