E3: Sony Media Briefing

Welcome to the Sony Media Briefing at E3 2013. Sony showed their console back in february, which was a pretty smart move considering that everyone knew or at least was quite sure that Microsoft was going to show a new console this year as well and now it’s time to know more about the console. […]

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The Last of Us review

Take Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Heavy Rain, add some feelings and stick them in a blender. Will it blend? Sure. The outcome is this masterpiece from Naughty Dog going by the name The Last of Us.

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Dust off your Wonderbooks: Diggs Nightcrawler is out!

I like the concept of Wonderbook, and I wished it got more popular so it had a chance of getting more games. At this point, I don’t expect more than Book of Spells (which was released alongside Wonderbook), this game and the Walking with Dinosaurs to be a supported Wonderbook-game. I am enjoying an entertaining […]

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review

Round up your favourite characters from the PlayStation world and fight against and alongside your friends, sharing couch or meeting up online with friends from far away. I clearly remember the debate this game sparkled prior to release, and various media calling it the PlayStation Smash Bros. was a two edged sword to say the […]

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Book of Spells review

You will be able to immerse yourself with Wonderbook and Book of Spells into the Harry potter universe like never before. Learn how to cast the spells you’ve heard in the movies and read in the books. As you buy Book of Spells, Wonderbook tags along in the package as this is the game Sony […]

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Smart As… review

Now, kick that brain into gear and make it run and lose some of that chunk behind – your brain might just be a little to the lazy side. Change it. Smart As… is a great brain training game, and it explains pretty well how the brain functions and which lobe is your strongest one. […]

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The Unfinished Swan review

You’re a boy named Monroe and you’re chasing after a swan that has escaped from a painting. Sound like a bad acid trip? Well, it’s actually much more innocent than that. Monroe awakens in an orphanage following the death of his mother. A very glum start to a story.. I know. But there it is. […]

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