Daily Gaming: Issue 10

Smash review done and was Spyro really needed in Skylanders?

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Late Robin Williams to recieve gaming tributes

Robin Williams was held dearly by heart for many fans, including myself. I adored his roles in various movies, from Ms. Doubtfire over Patch Adams to Good Morning Vietnam, and I did not nearly get to watch enough of his stand up shows.

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Sonic: Lost World review

Dr. Eggman has captured most of the animals from Sonic’s world. While trying to rescue some of them, Sonic and Tails crash land on a mysterious planet in the sky, a world known as the Lost Hex.

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E3: Nintendo Media Briefing

Welcome to the Nintendo Media Briefing at E3 2013. Nintendo decided that it was not worth it to go all in this year with a big stage at E3 – but they did broadcast a Nintendo Direct to tell their fans about their upcoming games. Join in for our opinion on their media briefing – […]

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Tokyo Crash Mobs review

It is with amusement that I find the fact that my first review for a website called ‘Gamin’ Girl’ should be for a game about a pair of preppy girls whose ultimate ambition is to successfully make it to the shops. But, despite the protagonists and their arguably bimbo-esque aspirations, I don’t believe this to […]

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