Grand Theft Auto V new generation review

It is not worth it for everyone to get Grand Theft Auto V a second time, not even with the updated graphics, the extra content in form of cars and high flying hallucinations, but for fans of the series it is an easy decision.

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Gaming Daily: Issue 14

Christmas and grinding GTA V on old gen.

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Rockstar: Beach Bum update for GTA Online ready

As most of us know, GTA Online is built to last; to receive frequent updates throughout the years; including paid bigger expansion packs. You don’t have to find your digital wallet this time around though, as the Beach Bum pack is free for everyone. The pack contains new vehicles, hairdo’s, weapons, clothes and even tattoo’s. […]

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My take on GTA V ending(s) [heavy spoilers]

After the big heist on the bank, you end up as Franklin – he has a mission at his own house up at the hills – this is the one that will trigger the last official mission. After a talk with Devin Weston, you have three options – kill Trevor, kill Michael or warn them […]

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Grand Theft Auto V review

The GTA series backtrack to Los Santos, though this time without jetpacks and with no Las Venturas. It’s still better in every way possible. Meet Franklin. He’s a hustler living in the ghetto. He’s darn charming doing it, but his friends is not. If you’re at all like me, you’ll hate every soul in his […]

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Why I will be playing GTA V

A while back, some of the big media outlets told the world that they had the opportunity to watch some gameplay of the upcoming GTA V game, which is hyped beyond the reasonable border (not that I do not look forward to the game, but let’s just say with an upcoming GTA game and two […]

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