Contrast review

In a 1920’s vaudeville film-noir dreamscape where magic is king, a little girl Didi is in trouble. Her dad has disappeared and her mum is struggling to make ends meet, but she has an imaginary friend to help her through: Dawn.

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse review

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is essentially Portal with magnets. The first chunk of levels is relatively easy to get through, but that’s just luring you into thinking that this game is gonna be easy to complete. It’s not. Without warning it’ll turn out to be a challenging and mind breaking beast – simply by thinking out of the box. While the basic idea easily can be compared to the Portal games, there’s a lot of things that makes Magrunner different.

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Le Tour de France 2013 – 100th edition arrives for gamers

The Tour de France bicycling competition is the equivalent to the car racing Le Mans – the biggest, toughest and most demanding racing experience to be seen. Actually, Tour de France got to be tougher – first of all, the racers is on bikes, which means their own muscles are what drives them forward AND […]

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