Battlefield: Hardline open beta open for admission

Soon everyone can try out the beta for Battlefield Hardline!

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Gamescom 2014: EA press meeting

Can EA bring the noise with their conference? They certainly have an extensive library of kick ass titles to have us on the edge of our seats! Let’s run through the round up and see how it went down.

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Crysis 3 review

The demo blew me away with how immersive it was (I played a demo of Crysis 3 at Pan Vision Playground), regardless of the fact that I had no idea what the actual story was about, and I had a very entertaining time. The game is polished, very aesthetically pleasing and you feel as though […]

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Dead Space 3 demo impressions

So, after settling in under my duvet on the sofa, and booting up the Dead Space 3 demo, my honest first impression when met with the incredible visuals of Tau Volantis was simply “Wow”, without even taking a step. Swiftly followed by a sense of unease, and I don’t mean the kind of unease that […]

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