The world is empty and it is pouring down. The world is empty, but the streets are being guarded by monsters. A boy and a girl is trapped in this city, and you have to help them out. There really isn’t some big story or big introduction that I can tell you about here – […]

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Grand Theft Auto V review

The GTA series backtrack to Los Santos, though this time without jetpacks and with no Las Venturas. It’s still better in every way possible. Meet Franklin. He’s a hustler living in the ghetto. He’s darn charming doing it, but his friends is not. If you’re at all like me, you’ll hate every soul in his […]

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Saints Row IV review

Last time you (as the Saints leader) got Mayor of Steelport, and now you’re President – this don’t last for long though, and you’ll now have to take up the fight against the intruders. And why was it again that this alien species is interested in the Earth? Volition has survived a couple of bankruptcies […]

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

While the title isn’t exactly innovating or special, it says it all. This is a story of two brothers on an adventure of their lives. The question is if this story is going to stay in our hearts after completing this little treasure. We don’t know the name of the world, neither the characters we […]

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Remember Me review

Memories define who we are, and we are used they are something that we can keep for ourselves, impossible to be stolen with todays technology. In 2084 it will be different, according to Dontnod and their ideas behind Remember Me set in Neo-Paris. Memories is being used as bargain, currency, and also safety measure to […]

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The Last of Us review

Take Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Heavy Rain, add some feelings and stick them in a blender. Will it blend? Sure. The outcome is this masterpiece from Naughty Dog going by the name The Last of Us.

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Tomb Raider (2013) review

Get to know Lara Croft when she made the transition from an insightful, but insecure teenager to a hardened treasure hunter on a trip most people wouldn’t survive, most due to the mysteries surrounding the island that she is a castaway on. Lara has a place in so many people’s hearts – so many that […]

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