Open letter to Microsoft: How to save your consumers

This editorial is my opinion and impressions on what Microsoft have been announced about their upcoming console, Xbox One. To add juice to the whole thing, I am adding in to the equation what other gamers have said on the forums I visit the most. Do remember when you reach the achievements part, one of […]

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Consensual Hallucination

A recent study completed by Nottingham Trent University (soon to be published in the International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning) has shone a bright light into the darkest corners of our gaming minds and discovered that those of us who live and breathe video games are having some trouble disconnecting when we hit […]

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Why I will be playing GTA V

A while back, some of the big media outlets told the world that they had the opportunity to watch some gameplay of the upcoming GTA V game, which is hyped beyond the reasonable border (not that I do not look forward to the game, but let’s just say with an upcoming GTA game and two […]

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Gamers: The Classes

Everything below has to be taken with a grain of salt. This is not a serious article, nor serious opinions – this is a list of stereotypes with a funny angle. Polish off your humour bottle and get ready to pour. The Poser This is the one I dislike the most. Most of the time, […]

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I hate the popularity that military shooters have

Most of the time there’s two sides of heated debates, and this is no different. In this editorial I’ll propound my case, which takes up an issue with the current military shooters, and I am sure that there’s many people out there who disagree with me, but there will be some who agree with me […]

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December 2012: What’s your favourite games from this years selection?

It’s christmas time, and boy do I have a present for you guys! We are giving away a copy of “Rise of the Guardians” for Xbox 360. Scissored from the british Amazon website: This months debate: Which of this years games is your all time favourite? I’ll give you a rundown of mine from this […]

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