OUYA refined console outed

Looks like another OUYA console is out.

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PS4 Launch Event

November 15th saw the launch of the Playstation 4 in North America, and what self-respecting console launch would be without a midnight launch party? Held in New York City, the city in which the console was first announced, the party was an epic event brimming with both nostalgia and a healthy dose of anticipation as to what the future holds.

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PS4 the first consumer product to feature DTS-HD Audio 7.1 decoder

The console is the first consumer product to get treated with this decoder.

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Retaliation: some of you guys ruined the Xbox One

To everyone who stops by. Rant incoming, beware. This is an editorial that takes a punch at the whole ordeal about Microsoft being kicked down by everyone, but mostly by ignorant youngsters who want to play games for free.

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