Lost Planet 3 continues to be Lost

Lost Planet 3 is continuing the essense and gameplay from the earlier games with a couple of new things. You’re back on E.D.N. III, but this time to experience what happened at the beginning of the terraforming of the planet, so it’s actually a prequel to the other games of the Lost Planet series. You’re […]

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Remember Me review

Memories define who we are, and we are used they are something that we can keep for ourselves, impossible to be stolen with todays technology. In 2084 it will be different, according to Dontnod and their ideas behind Remember Me set in Neo-Paris. Memories is being used as bargain, currency, and also safety measure to […]

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Resident Evil Revelations review

Gamers around the world craved for another Resident Evil game with the original feeling, and Capcom finally listened – but started out a little more safe by making the game for 3DS. Now the HD version is out for the consoles. The story is going on between the Resident Evil 4 and 5 games. While […]

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