Spyro Reignited Trilogy

We see quite many remastered games currently – and there have been both good and bad, and even sloppish and unneeded remastered games. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is one of the really good remasters, since they are actually old games and made from scratch.

We follow Spyro through all three games going on a quest to save his friends and their world. That’s by helping friends that has been encased in crystal, collecting orbs to connect the worlds or help baby dragons back home all the while you get in the way of the villains agendas. It is the typical case of good versus bad scenario we see very often in fairytales.

Friendly faces
The games are full of sprouting, cute and colourful characters. Spyro is a purple dragon which goes on the quest of saving the dragon world with his friend, the dragonfly Sparx. Along the way you meet friends and fellow dragons, and lots of other fairytale figures.

The gameplay is quite decent, ways above average, but nothing that have been leaving me in awe or staggered. However, it is GREAT for what it is: A 3D platformer in an amazing world with vast amount of opportunities and a few levels scattered throughout that changes the gameplay completely. Those gives you a break from what can get a bit repetitive. Flame or headbutt enemies and crates, however metal crates and enemies wearing metal armor can’t be flamed, which makes sense seen from a physics standpoint – and big enemies can’t be headbuttet either. Physics rocks!

Each game has a few differences. All three games has a flight level for each world, where you are supposed to capture items within a time limit – grabbing items gives a bit more time as you go.You need to find the best route to grab the items within the time limit – I found the flight levels to be much easier in the third game, and that was the first time you actually got any hints to the fastest route before you even start the level.

Bust a move
The first game feels like the shortest of the three, but overall the games seems to be on par with each other, however all three suffers a tiny bit from being remasters holding onto old movement and controls. Most notable when swimming, the controls made sense but they felt horrific, at least to me – also I had no option to change the direction of the Y axis so I kept looking in the wrong direction. In modern games, this needs to be in the game, even if the original games did not. No reason to not include it.

All three games looks amazing, and feels really smooth. The world is vivid and colourful with lots of fantastically animated and voiced characters. With attention to detail and lots of humor, you’ll often encounter something that will make you laugh in this game – even if it’s something that is randomly happening in the background.

The games have a cartooney look, so there isn’t any high detailed textures, but there’s a lot of love going on with the remakes. You meet a bunch of different dragons in the first game that you set free, and they all have very different personalities and design. Each level and world have some huge difference in atmosphere – from the deepest volcano to the coolest mountain top, or you can run through the soft green grass or swim in the lake, avoiding spinning squids.

Slapstick is the best invention
I really enjoyed playing through these three games – even that I have no nostalgia attached to the series, as I never played it back in the day. I truly love the lush colourful world with lots of small funny details, and the games made me laugh a lot with its slapstick humor.

On the other hand the game also managed to challenge me close to the breaking point a few times, especially the flight levels and challenges were hard to beat because it was so easy to mess it up, and you didn’t really have time to correct a failed item collect, so you would have to redo the whole thing from start. They were especially frustrating in the first game.

Don’t even get me start ranting on the swimming sequences. I mentioned them already so I won’t dive into it, but the movement felt really out of date and didn’t even have the option to invert the Y axis. But the overall experience, especially the platform/open world on feet felt really nice to play around in, apart from the occasional camera angle issue when in close quarters.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a lighthearted experience, or for an experienced gamer that wants to share a kid friendly game with their family while also still getting their gaming skills to use.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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