Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition review

Welcome to Hong Kong and the confusion going on between the mafia groups and the police. You’re playing as Wei, as an undercover cop… or is he? Sometimes you’ll get in doubt on which side he’s really on.

You can read our coverage of the original version right here, whereof the story has been covered, so I’ll skip that in this review and jump to my experience with the new version on Xbox One.

Left side is not the right side of the read
Personally I hated the left-hand side driving as I am way too used to drive in the right side, so I kept on smashing into other cars, especially in turns, races and catching up to enemies. The car handling and motorsounds wasn’t satisfying either, but I got used to it – and since this game is an open world adventure, how the driving sounds and feels aren’t important – it’s something to get back and forth between missions and sometimes include in the missions, whereof the vehicle more often than not is controlled by the game.

Small details such as music playing in the radio does not fade until Wei closes the door and annoying camera handling while in or on a vehicle, as well as different stuff not spawning correctly makes for some hilarious and weird happenings happen, all this does make the game feel less in quality. However, it does not take the enjoyment out of the game, and sometimes it even makes it even more hilarious, like how the AI react sometimes;

What I loved in this game – which I could say that Watch_Dogs lacked – is minigames when hacking something – being it a door, a moneybox or a camera. This spans from clock based locks to picking locks on doors and find the right numbers for the passcode.

The Definitive Edition includes the visual upgrade expected for the new consoles, however, you can easily feel and see that this game was not made with the new consoles in mind, but the textures and shades of most stuff has gotten an overhaul so it does look better than the original version of the game. Additional stuff that makes the game look better is new fog, smog and lighting, more neon signs, added animations on character models, like how a necklace moves and upped the number of pedestrians throughout the virtual Hong Kong. Other small tweaks in the gameplay such as time for counter attacks were made longer, difficulty spikes were smoothed out and even vehicle handling were changed. The Definitive Edition contains 26 of the 28 add-ons for the original game.

All in all
If you’ve played the original and was a big fan, it’s worth revisiting Hong Kong as Wei and defeat 18K once again. If you haven’t played it, but you have had your eyes on the game, you should definitely go for this updated version – not only for the added content from the DLC packs, but also for the better lighting, and the new, now animated, signs in Hong Kong. Wei is a likeable character, albeit sometimes you can’t tell which side he’s on.

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