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Screamride is a mix of driving, balancing, build stuff and destroy stuff. Welcome to the world of rollercoasters.

There’s really no story to this game other than a company is building rollercoasters in different locations around the world. The goal is of course to amaze and awe the riders to gain points and earn commendations for highest possible score. The game has 6 locations each with all 3 modes that again has 4 levels to complete for the player. Naturally the time to complete each level varies depending on the players skills and what the player has to do to get commendations – and how many the player goes for.

Screamride xbox one screenshot

Here comes the list of modes:

Screamrider: In this mode you are challenged with a task. Make the Screamriders (those poor poor humans who put their life on the line to test your coasters!) scream their lungs out but be careful – don’t lose your grip on the rails and fling the screamriders unless the track is made to do so. Push buttons to add a boost, pick up boosts (by timing a click on booster rails) and stick the landings to fill your boost bar. Losing the grip won’t punish you too much though, you’ll quickly be back on the rails, but some challenges has to be done without derailing the cart.

Demolition expert: Now in this mode, the screamriders is in an entirely new form of ride. They are placed in a cabin at the end of a swinging arm and you have to fling them. You can control the speed of the arm and which direction to throw. In these levels there’s buildings and other things to demolish and it’s just as simple as it sounds. Hit the targets.

Engineer: Unfinished rides needs to be finished by you, but it is not as simple as it sounds. At least not when you want to do the challenges for the level. You can’t control the ride after you’ve build the track, so gaining points rely on your build, and it can be a daunting task – never the less, it is an interesting mode, different from other things I’ve played.

Screamride xbox one screenshot

Challenges! To add to the fun and give the player a feel of accomplishment and add a points/rewards system as a way to unlock stuff in the game (mainly things to use in the sandbox mode), developers made challenges to each stage. It can be anything from getting to the finish line within a time limit, to not derail and to reach a certain amount of points. You do not need to get all those things in one go, you can take one challenge at a time if you so wish. I looked over the challenges before starting the stage and decide on one or two that I might be able to get in one go, and went for those first. Getting a lot of points is hard to accomplish if you’re going for a fast time as well.

All in all, Screamride is a fun little game to play in small bursts, but not for prolonged gaming sessions. To be fair, the game was made to be so. Cutscenes for starting and ending levels will get daunting after a while, but luckily you can click A to skip the scene. My favourite mode is Screamrider as I’ve never been a fan of building games and I liked how the balance, timing and thrill all acted together in a new way. I am a big fan of the cartoonish graphics – the soft corners and the funny looking riders, so this bumps the game a bit up in entertainment a bit due to how they are presented and the goofynees while being told by a cold robot voice how to play the game (or while the game is loading!).

Graphics are fun to look at, and the Screamrider mode is fun to play. Sandbox mode will scratch the itch for building rollercoasters.

Miss; Some levels are difficult to accomplish – in screamride mode, you might need to know what’s ahead to be able to maneuver through the obstacles, and in engineer mode you will have to rebuild a couple times before getting it right.

Need; A story mode, or maybe even some online and/or local competitive ghost mode for best time through the level.

Screamride xbox one screenshot review score

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