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Quantum Break offers marvelous theories about time travel and what happens when time paradoxes happen. Right up to the endgame you will be in doubt who’s right and what the best course of action is – this does not happen often in games, neither movies.

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See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

Remedy Entertainment has made a staggering story that keeps taking unexpected turns. Quantum Break opens up a tale with Shawn Ashmore in the lead role as Jack Joyce. The game released on april 5th 2016 on PC and Xbox One, released by Microsoft Studios.

The story within the game are based on flashbacks during an interrogation of Jack, which turns out to be happening after everything going on in the game, so basically you’re just playing through a series of flashbacks. This works well as commentary and glimpses of the interrogation are unveiling a lot of what happens in the background, including why some characters think like they do – it gives them their viewpoint of opinion. All at the same time, you see so little if this scenery that you still feel you play the game as it happens. And it doesn’t spoil what the story ends with and who were right.


You play as Jack, who meets with an old friends of his, working with physics. You can clearly feel they are old friends that trusts each other, and it becomes even more clear if you stop for a moment and read some emails on a computer you walk past. That email clarifies that Paul has asked Jack to come by and help him out with something. That turns out to be a time machine that Paul and Jacks late brother, William, has built.

Everything goes wrong from the moment the machine is powered on and as you progress in the story, Jack finds the cause behind the mishap and the fight is on against Paul. Paul has been travelling in time, making money on stock and shares, knowing which stocks would be on the rise before they happened, due to being able to travel in time. With that money, he made the company Monarch, which has been working for years to try and save the time from ripping itself apart.


I normally hate live action sequences in games. They simply do not fit in. Quantum Break breaks that opinion to pieces. I simply loved the live action parts in this game.

The actors aren’t part of the elite, but they all do a decent job with their characters and personalities with a few exceptions. It shows some aren’t that experienced, but Ben Ketai who directed the live episodes has been able to make it work really well. All the details with the technology, the effects and the unconventional camera angles makes for a unique experience.

The first actor you will recognise is probably Aidan Gillen, especially if you watch Games of Thrones. If you don’t know Shawn Ashmore, then you do after playing Quantum Break, and I can guarantee you will notice him. Have you been watching Lost or Lord of the Rings you will notice Dominic Monaghan as Jacks brother, and he plays just as brilliant as always. Courtney Hope as Beth Wilder is also quite catchy, but she’s less known if you check out her CV on IMDB. She has an array of smaller roles in both movies and series, so there’s a chance you’ve seen her before.


You aren’t sure where you have Lance Reddicks character, Martin Hatch. He is able to keep his intentions in the dark thus keeping you in doubt from beginning to end. Liam Burke played by Patrick Heusinger is also an actor who should be recognised – his CV isn’t empty, but just like Courtney Hope, you might have seen him in smaller roles. He plays eminent in Quantum Break, so well that you will feel his emotions through the screen. If you cross check/reference the actors, you find that they might have been recommending each other as they have been working together on a few series such as Fringe, Lost and CSI related series.

Lots of collectibles, much with much of this reading emails, notes and important company papers – I normally read everything I can find when I play, but it got too much towards the end of Quantum Break even for me. Because Jack is exposed to the chronon particles when the time machine rips apart time, he is granted some powers that is not human. Time has give him weapons for survival and battle – and he’s does not freeze when time stops.

The first power you get is time vision, which will lit up important things such as enemies, explosives, ammo and weapon – and where your next task is. Later on ýou get dodge and rush which will give you tools and options on how to fight the bad guys. Dodge will make it easier to avoid being killed and rush can get you up and close to take out the bad guys with melee. Well into the story you meet dampeners which is made and activated by Monarch – these are big antenna that simply takes away Jacks special powers. This adds a new challenge, forcing you to use your handgun until you are able to turn off the dampener, making you able to kick ass yet again.


Between chapters you will need to take decisions which will affect later happenings, inclusive characters that dies, and how Monarch handles the situation as well as relationships between different people. This is an interesting concept that also encourages the player to play the game again without feeling they play the same story.

It is quite hard to find something to critique on the graphics and presentation side of the game – there’s some really fantastic scenes, lots of small details, unique feeling with the game and exquisite cutscenes. The filmed scenes which lasts for 20 to 30 minutes are what they are: filmed, so they’re basically perfect. Lots of props actually adds to the immersion and makes me want to watch a movie or a series based on the games universe and what happens after the games ending.


One thing that bugs me is how Jack stands when he’s idling – it looks like he has taken a shit in his pants. Mildly said, he is very bowlegged to an extent it seems excessive. This position would be fine if it were to only be active if there’s any enemies nearby, as a ready to battle-position. But not for an idling looking at the scenery posture. The automatic cover system provides a few issues that can make a fight harder, but the damage isn’t larger than you just try again if you end up not being able to get into cover.

A really great experience with lots of rollercoaster rides, while the end has so many twists that you just want to keep playing. Quantum Break 2 anyone? What is most puzzling with this game is how it’s able to keep making you doubt if you’re (well Jack) is making the right decision. Who is right and for what purpose? Can you even save the world? The characters are easy to like, even Serene who Jack disagrees with, have a few sides and opinions that makes you think he is right, and he’s actually doing the right thing.

Hit; Believable story based on current theories.
Miss; Friends gone to enemies based on different opinions? That’s hostile, but it misses the fact they didn’t try to talk to each other first.
Need; Ending was open for suggestions, feels like this story has not ended!


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