Ori and the Blind Forest review

Ori and the Blind Forest is a very beautiful adventure, but it is also ruthless. We are back to the basics when it comes to fairy tales; Evil versus Good, Big versus Small, Cruel versus Kind and Dark versus Light. And you have to save the world as we know it – alone.

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See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

While the story is a bit of cliche looking at my statement above, the story is not the important part for this game. It is how it is told, how it is shown to us from the talented guys at Moon Studios. You play as Ori, who presents the light. Dark has gotten hold of the forest, things are missing and you have to go find them and put them in the right places. I will skip talking about the intro since it will be kind of a spoiler – I know I was moved when watching it. It is implied, if not totally shown in the launch trailer posted below.

All in all, the story doesn’t take that much from the game. There’s only the intro and a few brief scenes called world events where you get one item in its place and then there’s a bunch of places where a text and a voice appears as you go in a direction with Ori. The real deal here is the platforming aspects, how fluid the game actually is. I’ve only encountered a few points where Ori needs to jump over a rock or a little mound to move on. The game also reacts fast on the button presses, however there’s one place where an ability didn’t really wanted to engage when I needed it to.

The game is full of all sort of enemies and traps you need to avoid – and how to approach them. Many of the enemies shoot out some sort of bullet, splatter or spikes which is of course harming Ori if hit. As you progress through the story, you will be amazed at how different the regions in the area are and alter on, how big the map actually is. One moment you’re travelling in small tunnels underground, the next you’re in the middle of an icy world on top of a mountain where one of the traps is icicles. That means traps and enemies depend on the environment you’re currently in and that’s a cool detail.

Ori and the Blind Forest detail screenshots, spiders

Gameplay may be fast and fluid, but it also has to. It has to or else it would be barely playable. Everything the game offers depends on skills, reaction and being able to predict on what happens next. With added abilities, Ori can begin to defend herself from all these enemies – not to mention previously unreachable places now within reach by help from abilities and skills. Sometime you will feel trapped and not know how to proceed, but there is always a way – you just have to think outside the box.

The game is a 2D platformer with a good number of layers that really soothes the eyes and mind because it is the most beautiful out there, beating every other platformer i have played by miles. Some areas are tricky, and is more of a trial and error and luck than based on skills – sometimes you just need to know what’s going to happen if you want to avoid being killed. At the time of writing I have died well over 600 times. I’ve been squashed, fallen over ledges, stabbed, burned, frozen and bitten. So how many times will you die in this game?

Ori and the Blind Forest gravity

Hit; The environment is magical, so many details, so much life. So many amazing and disgusting monsters. Lots of content.

Miss; The game is on the little too difficult side at some points, and will most likely make some gamers give up half way through. This game caters to the tough gamers and fulfil demand for a difficult platformer for those who like that.

Need; More playable characters and single-level modes with leaderboards and challenges.

Ori an the Blind Forest review score

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  1. avi
    14 March, 2015 at 03:23

    Great review!
    I really do love this game.

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