Halo: Master Chief Collection review

Microsoft decided to collect 4 Halo games into one package, and while even the singleplayer campaigns is affected by bugs, the experience is quite decent.

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

I haven’t played any Halo game up until now, I’ve downright avoided the games, as I don’t do shooters in general, however, lately I’ve been playing a bunch. When MS sent me a code and none from my team of writers showed interest, I decided I might as well take on the challenge. I went into the first game sceptic and expecting to not having a really good time. While that applied to the first game, I did see the charm, and my smile just got bigger as I went on with the next games in the series in the collection. I went out hooked, however only for the story. I decided to not cover the multiplayer as there has been so many issues with it, that I don’t think I should write about it here.

The collection consists of Halo 1 through 4, with 1 and 2 being having an overhaul in the graphics department – you can switch back and forward with the view button (that’s the one with two overlapping squares) between the new graphics and the old graphics as shown here.

I enjoyed myself when I was playing something I wouldn’t have played otherwise, so thanks, Microsoft, for enlightening me. While I won’t be playing these games to death, I will return in the fight against the Covenants and other players at some point. There’s something about being the hero that saves mankind time after time after time…

Halo CE Anniversary Edition
While it is looking like a real strong title for the original Xbox, you can clearly feel the age on the game, even more so when changing the graphics to the old look by hitting the options (select) button. The game does looks good, but the overall feel and small details such as character movement and especially facial expressions (which has been updated quite a lot) shows the games age.

While the game feels repetitive, the story very kliche and the characters without any sort of personality, the game has it’s form of charm that makes you keep playing for a while. What makes this game bearable for me is the small minions/enemies being hilarious in their behavior, and also; SPAAACE. Yeah, the sheer presence of open deep space is making me taking a longer look at games than I otherwise would have (*cough* Destiny *cough*).

Exchanging between the old and new graphics shows what has been focused on – the old graphics focused on colours and glamour in lights while the updated version focuses on good lighting, shading and lots of plants.

Halo 2 (Anniversary Edition)
A few tweaks here and there, an added faction in the war about the Halo, and throwing the player into the enemies eyes makes for a refreshing experience when compared to the previous game. However it is not all that different. The game feels like the same, guns and vehicles handles and sounds the same way. But oh my, those cutscenes are gorgeous! I was captivated by those amazing scenes in space, the incredible lighting they pulled off with silver and gold armours and I don’t have to go through never ending hallways to try and find the right door to get through to advance like in the first game.

I really appreciate experiencing the enemy side of things, so as the player, I know what and why this is happening and why the enemy is the enemy in the game. That they are fighting for a cause, not just fighting because the game tells them to do so. Master Chief with a new voice makes for a deeper personality which no one can argue is a bad thing. This game can also change graphics between the old and new versions by the touch of a button which obviously catering to the fans and a way to avoid a never ending debate about how the game should have looked.

Halo 3
Once again, the visual upgrade is unmistakable present. The surroundings look a little more like real life with the added details and sounds. But I can’t ditch the feeling that I am on rails still. I accepted it in the earlier games because of the limit the older consoles do have by their nature, but when being originally released on Xbox 360 just one year prior to Grand Theft Auto IV on the same console, it’s a little disheartening to meet all the limitations when you try to explore a bit.

On another note, but related, it can be frustrated at times, trying to figure out where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do. At one time, it turns out I was supposed to backtrack for the third time all the way back to the base, and in another situation I was supposed to take down this big scarab robot, and I had no clue where to find the control panel – I had to search for it on my computer. But the update and upgrade from Halo 2 is clearly there, and it gives a certain satisfaction to experience, so all in all, I give props to Halo 2 for it’s variety in the missions. I tried driving, I tried sitting shotgun, I tried using the turret or the rocket launcher from the backseat and I took down small minions all the way up to a twenty feet tall robot.

Halo 4
Master Chief is back with more details than ever, and straight from the start we get a better look at Cortana. This time you got a bigger feel of urge, as Cortana is getting old and need to get back to earth. Problem is, Master Chief and Cortana is trapped in deep space onboard a spaceship broken in half, soon to be swallowed by a planet.

A new species enter the scene, and you have a shot at getting back to earth: you have to find Infinity and it’s inside the planet. The game feels a lot more alive than the early games in the series, and you’re still fighting the Covenants, as they are also trying to get something inside the planet – or the spaceship shaped as a ball – so the race to reach the valuables are on.

Hit; A collection of all Halo games featuring Master Chief. Two games with an overhaul and two games as they were – all with the extra content. Perfect for someone like me who hasn’t played one single game of Halo until now – or for the fan who are psyched to replay the games.
Miss; No autosave? No way to save without quitting the game? Yeah I just lost a good number of hours gameplay. Not happy. Also people have been complaining about connectivity issues in multiplayer.
Need; There’s a few Halo games left out in this collection, however they do not feature Master Chief – but it could have been cool if they were a part of this pack – or coming out later as DLC.

The score’s is the average of how each game did as well as menus within the game.

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