Review: Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is a playable cartoon with over the top action that includes a lot of dirty jokes everywhere you go – all this spiced up with references to movies.

It’s a typical day in Seoul. It is one of these days where the new bad boy – Doctor Babylon – in town decides to occupy the town as the beginning to take over the earth by force. Having a lot of expendable men and special technology that basically makes him a wizard, the Earth is doomed. If it wasn’t for Mayhem, a secret agency having a handful inexpendable agents and their own technology that can stand up against Babylon and his hordes of men. There’s more to it than Babylon. He has accomplices that he hired to help him out with their own technology – but they have their own agendas.

AOM is a pretty generic 3rd person shooter, and while the guns and other weapons are over the top to make it all that more fun, the gunplay aren’t as delicate as it could be. There’s a semi-auto aim in place which are your only help in situations where you are alone against a lot of enemies – which you will be a lot.

Let’s roll!
Whatever you do, don’t drive any common car you find on the streets. There is simply no use for it outside of the side missions that force you to do so. You can call in your loyal steed on wheels and as you drive around in the city, the AI in the car will spout sarcastic remarks when you damage the car or tell you a bad joke.

The over the top weapons is where this game does brilliantly. You have your normal weapon, special ability and special move which is tied to each agent you can play as, and you can upgrade the weapon and special ability as well as adding other stuff to all of these – and more. The levelling and upgrading of the characters goes pretty deep. Not to mention how much variance there is across the board when it comes to the characters and their personalities. Their dialogues, even the seemingly random ones, can be pretty funny too. You learn a bit about their personal lives and how they relate to each other.

The chell shading does wonders for the game, makes it feel pretty polished, graphics wise, and the game looks fabulous, and you won’t feel you’re driving down the same street – unless you are. The playground aren’t big, but it’s big enough for its purpose. In one mission in the beginning of the game, it had some – what I thought at the time – gross pop-in issues. But didn’t experience this at any time later in the game, so this might have been on purpose.

Trigger happy – mostly
The game has one nearly game breaking problem: the triggers. Mostly when dying and the trigger for continuing the game didn’t pop, but I also experienced not getting the trigger when fulfilling the details for a random encounter in free roam. That prompted for a bunch of quitting out to dash, stopping the game and reloading it entirely a bunch of times during my playthrough – and trying for that damn doomsday weapon just one more time. The game can get a bit repetitive, but it depends on how you look at it. I think what started out as fun but get annoying in the end was the car AI and its oneliners – there isn’t many, which means it will repeat itself – a lot.

Somewhere between the explosions, the jokes and the generic gameplay, there is some brilliancy to be found. The huge roster of weapons, upgrades and add-ons for the weapons and abilities that changes how you deal with your enemies, that also changes completely every time you change an agent. There’s much fun to be had with Agents of Mayhem, but don’t expect some deep touchy story to discuss for the evening – the story is on the level of a B level cartoon, but the jokes sparks some good laughs.

Hit; The dirty jokes and the over-the-top weapons.
Miss; Failing triggers, forcing a restart happens far too frequently. Also, agents as pre-order perks, scattered amongst retailers to top? Not sure I agree with it.
Need; The story could be longer and the ending scene implies either a DLC or a sequel to follow soon.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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