WWE 2K14 review

The main focus of the game looks to the past when all the great moments happened in the industry and to the place where those moments were breathtaking – WrestleMania. There are two key modes in WWE 2K14; one is 30 Years of WrestleMania and the other is The Streak. 30 Years looks back on past WrestleMania events. It takes the top match from each, gives you the story and then gets you to recreate the match and perform the key moment. Completing the event also unlocks the characters for custom matches. The other is The Streak which focuses specifically on the legend himself, Undertaker, and splits it into Defend The Streak, a Gauntlet match where you play as the Deadman, and Defeat The Streak, where you play a No Holds Barred match against the Lord of Darkness. Regardless of settings, Undertaker is certainly a challenge to defeat.

The biggest disappointment, despite having the same problem in several of the games in the series, is the fact that the online is still terrible to play. Every 30 seconds or so I would get the same connection issue message which is very disruptive to a match and is really just unacceptable for a game with a standard multiplayer. (Before you ask, I have high speed internet and playing multiplayer in other games has never been a problem outside of this series.) WWE 2K14’s strength definitely lies in its single player and local versus modes.

Still an enjoyable game (when played offline) but WWE 2K14 is showing its age. Although there’s some new modes that help add to the series, there’s parts of the game that have been the same for more than five years. I would only recommend this to Undertaker fans or those looking to relive WWE’s glory days.

Of course there’s plenty more to do in the game with the WWE Universe mode which lets you create your own WWE world complete with the rosters you want, the rivalries you want to see and the matches you want to have. There’s also the standard quick game mode which lets you get into a match of varying types in no time at all allowing for instant, competitive action with none of the overhead.

The Creations part of the game allows for a lot customisation but for everything that can be done, it seems like the series has reached its capacity for what can be created or modified. One thing that is noticeable is the fact that the individual parts for creating a superstar, entrance, and so on, have not changed or been updated in several games now.

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