Resident Evil Revelations review

Gamers around the world craved for another Resident Evil game with the original feeling, and Capcom finally listened – but started out a little more safe by making the game for 3DS. Now the HD version is out for the consoles.

The story is going on between the Resident Evil 4 and 5 games. While the world is evolving and expanding new technology, terrorist groups such as Veltro is not supportive. In fact, they are the opposite, and will go through everything to stop the technology. And their attack succeed. By using a virus that infects and kill, and adding monsters – bio-organic weapons (BOW) – to the equation, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) and Federal Bioterrorism Commission (FBC) has to destroy the city in order to get hold of the situation and take out the BOWs and make the rest of the world a safer place.

The world is being terrorised

Everyone thought that Veltro was done and gone, but when Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani disappears on a mission, BSAA gets suspicious. Throughout this game you play as either Jill or Chris Redfield trying to get to the bottom of the situation and to truly get rid of Veltro. As Jill you have Parker as partner, caught out on the sea on the luxury liner going by the name Queen Zenobia and as Chris you have Jessica as partner – trying to piece together the events and clues to track down Veltro and save Jill and Parker.

While the upscaling has been done quite well from what you could expect, there is of course some minor details that might give you hints of the games past as a 3DS exclusive game.

As Jill, you’re caught out on a boat, which makes for quite some backtracking. You will run back and forth, and sometimes when you collect something, remember that this might be useful for something you saw earlier. It is actually pretty thought through. Gear management is as you could expect – crates scattered around makes for checkpoint to check on your gear and change what you carry around.

Natural intermissions

What I kind of love the most about this game is the clear dividing between episodes, that also gives the player the opportunity to play as another character, simply put, to avoid the feel of being trapped on a boat – and prolong the game of course. The short episodes is something that carried over frem the 3DS version, as handheld games are supposed to be played in short bursts of time, and making this clear divider solved it. It also gives me the opportunity to stop playing without feeling too split: “What happens around the next corner” and “I can’t stop playing, I’m in the middle of a fight damn it!”.

The game is clearly a tribute to the early games in the series, and the developer has done a great job recreating the feel of Resident Evil – even the annoyingly obvious and thus unnecessary action comments and the bad facial expressions is present in the game. The difficulty of and scariness of the game is absolutely made very well, especially because ammo is scarce and if you aren’t good at aiming (I suck at it to be frank) you can get trapped in the middle of a fight with no defense but the dodging system. Which isn’t very good at all. Like press-a-button and hope-to-not-die bad. It is so unreliable that it just gets frustrating if you’re caught with a lot of enemies and you can’t just get out. Your partner will take shots at the enemy, but I’ve only rarely seen him -or her – kill any BOWs.

Nostalgia en masse

I haven’t even considered playing any of the newer Resident Evil games, sorely because I would only play this series because of nostalgia – and since everyone said that these games aren’t what they used to be and that they even should have been a separate IP/series, I chose to stay away from the series – until now that is. Revelations is making a tribute to the first couple games in this series, and I’ve had a blast playing through it.

Hit; The developer hit the nail on head with the jokes and feel of the old games – even the boring and unnecessary action comments like when trying to open a door and it doesn’t “the door is locked” appear on the screen. No shit sherlock. But it is a part of the atmosphere from the very first games in the series.

Miss; Some of the monsters death cramps is laughable, but that might just be the developers way of including some humor.

Need; Better physics and a little bit more psychologically input could have made this game much more scary. Also, co-op would have been nice.

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