Dishonored review

Dishonored is a steampunk action fest with elements of surprise and cunningly stealthy killings. Can you figure out all the possible ways to do your mission?

Your name is Corvo Attano, former bodyguard to the Empress of Dunwall, a city hit with a terrible plague. The empress is assassinated and you’re framed for the murder, while the killers overtake the throne. After six months of captivity, you receive a letter from a rebel alliance that wants to dispossess Lord Regent of his power, find the kidnapped Lady Emily, rightful heir of the throne, and clear your name. Your first mission is to escape from the prison grounds through the sewers and find your way to the rebels, which will tell you more about what had happened while you were behind bars.

Dunwall has been hit hard by the plague, and it’s the subject to conversation everywhere you go. Regent seems to be a paranoid jackass with a lot of money as the streets are loaded with guards, all knowing that you’re the subject to kill without warning. That means you will have to careful, as you’ll have to keep out of sight. As you progress, the general who’s leading the rebels, tells you furthermore of complications in the city, and how he envision to solve them – by the use of you, of course.

The game is played through a first-person view, with emphasis on stealth action. You get a bunch of gadgets and abilities along the way, which allow you to take on the challenges in different ways.

There’s two different takes on the game – you can kill as many people as possible, which will multiply the rats and most of all empower the plague, which in the end will leave more weepers on streets. Weepers are the infected from the plague, and are basically zombies. Or you can try being as quiet as possible and avoid killing anyone, either by keeping out of eyesight or by neutralising the guards with either sleep darts or by choking them.

You have a few different weapons, including a gun, a crossbow and a sabre. With the use of these and some magic, you’ll solve the mystery around the empress’ murder and saving her daughter. Be aware of your ammo though, they are scattered around the city and you can purchase ammo at a few places, but it’s scarce. I highly recommend being sure how and when to use a bullet or an arrow.

The graphical design is hugely inspired from the victorian era and the art style is very steampunkish. This makes the game stand out as a stylistic and atmospheric experience. Dishonored features voice acting from such renowned actors as Susan Sarandon, Lena Headey, Carrie Fisher and Chloë Grace Moretz. An impressive cast, I’d have to say and the quality of voice acting overall is of a very high calibre that also adds to the quality of the game.

There’s nothing like blinking from the rooftop to the top of the streetlamp, to right behind the guard, followed by cutting his throat or just suffocating him, and not being spotted at all. This game real fail is the lack of overview – I got caught too many times because I wasn’t sure where the guards were at all times, making the game that more difficult. But overall, this game is quite entertaining once you get used to the mechanics – there’s truly a lack of stealth games on the current market, and Dishonored does fill up a gap, yet still differs from the Assassins Creed games.

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