A World of Keflings – The Curse of the Zombisaurus review

Nine months ago, fans of A World of Keflings were asked to vote for the next DLC theme with three possible choices: Candy, Graveyard and Pirates. There was a lengthy delay between the concepts being pitched and the vote going live, so NinjaBee held an internal poll to see which of the concepts would likely be the winner. Graveyard won the internal poll, so work began on that DLC. To their surprise, Candy actually won the public vote, meaning that work had to begin on a different concept. Not wanting to waste their hard work, NinjaBee decided to release the Graveyard DLC too.


The princess has been kidnapped. Builder brothers Doug and Brodie set off in hot pursuit before finally tracking down the monster to the demolished town of Kefsylvania and meeting back up with you. The monster is a Zombiesaurus, a creation of Count Kefula, who wants players to rebuild his town before encouraging the Zombiesaurus to return and be recaptured. Horror fans will want to keep an eye open for the numerous references to films and literature that make the storyline an extremely enjoyable experience.

Apart from the two builder brothers and the princess, the rest of the cast are completely new. The main characters come with their own unique and amusing personalities, and the use of the same mangled English returns to enable them to communicate with you. Even though many are new characters, I wouldn’t recommend that you play this DLC until after you have completed the main storyline, just so you understand exactly who your first companions are.

Grave Robbing is Encouraged

The spooklings will collect bones, chop deadwood and mine brimstone initially and will harvest ectoplasm from ghosts later into the storyline. Every now and again, players will be rewarded with a pumpkin to be used to activate a cornfield and attract a scarecrow to the game. Scarecrows automatically have a level 7 harvesting statistic for each of the four resources and are much more efficient than a spookling will ever be. Unlike the Candy DLC, players can always stay ahead of the game and make sure that they have sufficient building resources.

The map has plenty of room for all of the required buildings; it is huge. Those players who are tempted to stay in one area of the map will be encouraged to explore far flung areas through quests in the storyline. Although the majority of the blueprints are necessary, I’m still not entirely certain why I rebuilt the Monstrous Bone. Still, it counted towards my weekly Avatar FameStar challenge.

The storyline took approximately two and a half hours to complete by taking my time and not rushing through the storyline. For the first time in any of the three DLC expansions, players build a Caroling Slug that is used to construct Soundworms, the equivalent of cannons. Those who are musically minded are encouraged to continue harvesting and collect enough resources to create a decent tune.

Overall Verdict

The storyline is amusing and typically well-written Kefling fare. Although there are a couple of recurring characters, the rest of the content is completely new. The DLC has no issues and encourages play after the main storyline has been completed. Extra play aside, this is the longest and, in my opinion, the best of the three DLC additions that have been released for A World of Keflings.

Presentation: 9 out of 10
Mechanics: 8 out of 10
Woah moments: 8 out of 10
Replay value: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8 out of 10

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