Magrunner: Dark Pulse review

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is essentially Portal with magnets. The first chunk of levels is relatively easy to get through, but that’s just luring you into thinking that this game is gonna be easy to complete. It’s not. Without warning it’ll turn out to be a challenging and mind breaking beast – simply by thinking out of the box. While the basic idea easily can be compared to the Portal games, there’s a lot of things that makes Magrunner different.

There’s rooms beneath the room you’re in, and most likely, that room contains the solution for you to solve the puzzle and reach the exit. Use your magnetic gun to magnetise different “bricks in the puzzle” like boxes, platforms, fields and so on. Your purpose is to survive, reach the door, and reveal the truth of what happened in the year of 2050.

I have to warn everyone, in particular new gamers, about this game. If I keep comparing to the Portal games, this game is a little bit tougher to solve than the puzzles in Portal 2 – if it’s a detail I’ve overlooked or a magnetic box hidden in a corner that I never thought of looking down in, or something entirely different, I don’t recall Portal or Portal 2 being that challenging. This game is absolutely for the the fans of that series, but also if you’re looking for a first person puzzler, you’re in for a treat.

In the near future of 2050, a handful of brilliant young citizens are chosen by the Gruckezber Corporation to enter the Magtech deep space exploration training program. What begins as the opportunity of a lifetime soon descends into madness and cosmic horror! Dax Ward, a gifted orphan among the other Magrunner candidates, soon learns that the death and insanity surrounding him bears a strong link to a past that he never suspected…and that someone or something seeks to destroy him.

Now, Dax, with his mentor Gamaji and robotic companion Newton, must brave the horrors of an ancient, alien evil and its otherworldly minions. As the world spirals into destruction, Dax will learn the ultimate terrible truth about himself and the Gruckezber training facility.

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