Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

While the title isn’t exactly innovating or special, it says it all. This is a story of two brothers on an adventure of their lives. The question is if this story is going to stay in our hearts after completing this little treasure.

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See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

We don’t know the name of the world, neither the characters we play as, or the folks and creatures we meet on our travel. These folks speaks a language that we would call gibberish and live in a magical world with trolls, weird creatures, giants and much more. The first thing you see in this game is a little boy on his knees before a gravestone, and the camera pans into him and we see the flashback ourselves. Apparently, the dear and beloved mum drowned before the very eyes of her own son that even tried to help her out of the water while he cried for help.

At also appears to the player that the father of these two brothers is sick, and they take him to the doctor which aren’t too far off from your starting point. The doctor tells them that one thing, and one thing only will be able to save their father from death is the magic sap from the Tree of Life which is far away. And thus the adventure begins. On your way you’ll encounter trolls (this was by far my favourite part of the game) and you’ll sail a boat (the most beautiful part of the game) and you’ll fly a glider made of bamboo.

The gameplay and way of controlling the brothers is unique to this game, as you steer both brothers at the same time, and for that you’ll use both thumbsticks and the triggers in order to move around in all directions and to interact with different things. Jumping over gaps is done automatically, you can’t fall off cliffs (though if you don’t hold down the trigger to hold onto a ledge or a tree, you will fall to your death) and there’s a good number of things to interact with – have in mind, let both brothers interact with what you meet, because the personality of each brother is very different, thus making for different reactions. Big brother smells the flower, while the smaller one dashes it off the table, making the pot smash to pieces, just to make an example.

You’ll have to work out the puzzling elements sometimes, but the game does give a good chunk of hints, so it is in no way hard figure out – everyone can play this game. This game might be a little short looking at the game time, but oh my, the story really have a place in my heart, and I’ll remember this little gem for quite a while.

Hit; The story is very immersive and lovely with a lot of different emotions and great characters. Puzzling elements are glorious.

Miss; The story could have been longer, even a dash of collectibles that could add to the game time would suffice.

Need; Why in the world does this game NOT have local co-op? The game already forces you to have the characters close together and work together, so making it a two player experience would be the obvious thing to do.

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