Review: Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo has taken OutRun and made it modern with a slick look, lots of races and lots of cars.

The gameplay consists of championships on locations around the world. There’s a different number of races in each location – each race gives you a trophy for winning the race and most races gives you a super trophy if you also manage to pick up the required number of coins in the race.

Special races will unlock along the way as well, and if you win these, you will unlock an upgrade for your cars – each upgrade is applied to all your cars and you have a choice between three upgrades each time.

Drive famous cars
While the game has lots of cars, they are all locked behind either wins, super-trophies or ingame currency that you pick up in each race. You unlock 2 or 3 cars relatively fast, the rest really feels like a grind, just to see the cars. My curiosity kills me – however you meet the other cars in the races, so you do see them, just not in detail.

It’s been years since i played Outrun, but from what I recall Horizon Chase Turbo feels and plays like the old classic. There is a little more handling going on with some variations, and feels less stiff, but it still feels really good and you are feeling the nostalgia of the old racing series.

For what the game is, it looks amazing. The recent bursts of nostalgia games on the market, often coming from smaller developers is speaking to the old gaming crowd. HCT is not looking like the newest Forza games, neither does it handle like it and it is not as diverse – but its still full of heart and passion.

Colourful worlds
As you drive through the different courses, you don’t feel like you drive the same place unless you drive the same race. The lineup of cars at the start line while waiting for the green light looks diverse and colourful. So many different colours and shapes that you know you are about to overtake. Not to mention the want to unlock specific cars. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you do look the cars up online, you’ll find it’s a nice and diverse list of funny references to 70’s, 80’s and 90’s cars.

The most funny and cool references are late to unlock, but it sets a goal for me as a player to try and get. The best part of this game? It doesn’t require much computer power – my old-ish laptop runs it just fine. For those of you that don’t have console and don’t want to play on PC, there’s a phone version called Horizon Chase: World Tour on both Android and iOS.

If you want a trip down memory lane, this is one of the games to play. It has the playstyle of Outrun but with modern days graphics done simple to pay its respects to the old games.

Hit; Stinks of nostalgia, looks beautiful and it’s pretty fun to play.
Miss; Too many locked cars, and before you have some of the best, you’ve finished the game.
Need; Could have used a story around the races, but overall it doesn’t really need it.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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