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Sackboy is back, and while we’re waiting for him to be the world championship racing master in LBP Karting, Vita owners can enjoy a whole new world to rescue with the help of Sackboy.

The story mode is all about the planet Carnivalia; as I mentioned in the preview of the game, the planet is being terrorised by The Puppeteer. The intro video tells you briefly that Carnivalia once was a happy place with lots of laughs and popular shows in the puppet theatre. When his show got out of trend and the kids boo’ed him off stage, The Puppeteer fled – to come back years later, filled with anger and determined to revenge his defeat.

The Puppeteer found a way to suck out the souls of the puppets, making them soulless slaves that follows his smallest demands. The remaining puppets of Carnivalia calls them Hollows and fears them more than anything. Now, your job as Sackboy is to clear out these Hollows and save Carnivalia from the utter darkness.

Have fun colouring

You’re still playing as Sackboy and you still collect all sorts of stickers and decorations to pimp up both your Sackboy, but also your Pod/home. You can even make your own levels in the level maker, and colour your fellow players. I was pretty surprised when a player took out his yellow colour and started to smudge it around, including on my character. I was sure the colour would be gone after the next loading screen, but no. I took a liking to it, and I even saved the costume so I had it for later use, should I mess it up.

There’s quite a number of new additions to the gameplay; apart from the multiplayer that have expanded more than I would have guessed (especially on a handheld console no less) which I will tell more about in a bit. There’s the addition of having a prop in your hand – of which makes different sounds whenever you hit one of your fellow players with it. LBP Vita also introduces you to the grappling hook and your very own pistol amongst other things. The world surrounding you is changing far more than it used to – from running in the forest and swimming in the lake, to scouring the mines and figuring out all the buttons on the spaceship, one thing is certain; You will find a world that you’ll like, no matter who you are. And if not, you can make your own.

The magic of touch

The Playstation Vita offers touch on both the front and the back, which the developers certainly have made use of. With touch, you can interact with various things in the levels, including buttons, boxes, bullets (balloons) and more. Of course you also use touch whenever you get creative, as multitouch functions is making it faster and easy to edit and apply.

I was surprised at how fun and engaging the multiplayer actually is. While the user-made levels isn’t impressive just yet, the rest certainly is. Smacking your fellow players with whatever you have as prop is hilarious, and ingame chat is limited, but useful. When playing through the story, you can actually see how many players is playing each level at present time – and when loading the level, the game asks you if you want to play alone or join the other players.

If you’re playing with somebody already, the game asks you if you want to play alone with your friend or join the other game. You can stand in your Pod and invite friends to join in your game, making a party. If you’re the leader, you can choose which levels to play and the game loads almost as fast is if you were alone. Be aware though, being 4 players in one of the story levels might be a bit tough on your Vita to handle. I’m not sure where the problem lies, but the game stutters, then loads and after a moment you’re back in the game. Nothing big, but a little annoying though, like a hiccup.

Final thoughts

With the introduction to real time touch in the game, another element has been added and the story has been expanded upon in a very good way. The fun has been increased greatly, especially with the online mode being so widespread in the game by just being connected to Playstation Network. Keeping the old gameplay and expanding it with new ideas that works well makes the game the best in the series so far. Oh, yeah and plenty of minigames available as well.

Hit; The game stays true to the franchise, while they still invented and expanded, so that fans doesn’t get the feeling of playing the same game again.

Miss; If you’re playing 4 together in a story level, the game stutters and loads for a bit – my theory is that the Vita doesn’t have enough ram to keep up with all the content being shown.

Need; I know it’s a Vita game, but it would be neat to be able to play this on my PS3 – yes, I wasn’t able to come up with something better here – the game is that good.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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