Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review

The Lost Legacy is good at being an Uncharted game, and with two amazingly strong women in the forefront, you are not missing Nathan Drake for a second.

You’re playing as Chloe Frazer, a woman we know from previous Uncharted games as one of Drakes partners. Chloe hires Nadine Ross, a former mercenary and leader of Shoreline, a paramilitary organization. We know her from Uncharted 4. You are looking for the next big treasure, a tusk of gold filled with gemstones, Ganesh’ Tusk. There is one big problem though – there is a mad man named Asav trying to get it too, and he’s beating you to it. Even worse, he has lots of guns and lots of men.

Your rope is your lifeline
The gameplay varies from walking or running to driving a car or being in heavy gunfights with Asavs men. The melee part seems to have gotten an overhaul from previous games, but I can’t compare to Uncharted 4 since I haven’t played it yet. Using different tools such as a rope with a grappling hook and a rock piton, you not only travel horizontally, you also travel a lot vertically. Most of the time you have company in the form of Nadine, which will grant you small hints if you stay in one place too long as the game assumes you’re stuck on the puzzle or what to do next.

The Lost Legacy is a typical Uncharted game, including treasure hunting, relic findings, funny friendship, quirky remarks, lots of jokes and cool puzzles, but this time… this time there’s more heart between the characters.

While the story is shorter than a typical Uncharted game, it was originally meant as dlc for Uncharted 4, so making it bigger and releasing it as a small standalone game seems to have been the best decision for the adventure – I feel that if anything had been taking from the game to make it shorter, it would have lacked – it seems perfect for this story, not too long or too short and very well put together. Though, I did crave for some more Uncharted when the game ended.

Save your bug spray
There isn’t really any bugs to find in the game, however, I did experience a few times that Chloe was stuck on the ground because of a very small ledge or stone. Sometimes, Nadine decided to be in the way. Other than that, the game feels perfect in every way – i didn’t even experience any weird lighting issues, and that i notice in almost all games that uses it.

Being the first Uncharted game without Nathan Drake as the protagonist, this is also the first game in the series with a woman as the playable character. And it does it with such attitude and grace it’s hard to find arguments against it. Any gamer that wants a good story or that likes treasure hunting or puzzle solving will love this title, even if they haven’t played any Uncharted games before. However I recommend playing the previous games in the series first to get the full backstory.

Hit; The story is very well put together and the protagonist is loveable.
Miss; The game is virtually bug free and the voice acting is fine, so it’s hard to point point any flaws.
Need; Nothing. NOTHING!

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