Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty review

The old 2D platformer, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssee from 1997 is back in renewed form, and it has gotten the 3D treatment, making it 2.5D; 3D on a 2D plane as the developers say. Experience or re-experience being this abe-human hybrid creature and save all his friends from slavery.

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See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

Meet Abe. He is a Mudokon, “working” on Rupture Farms. It’s all he know. He was born there. Scrubbing floors and walls all day along, close to sharp blades on machines chopping up animals such as the Paramite and the Scrab. Both are fear-inducing, ruthless, wild animals. Predators. Hunters. Carnivores. Rupture Farms are making food of the animals, and they used to make meat of other animals as well. These animals got extinct because Rupture Farms got too greedy, and now Scrabs and Paramites are about to get extinct as well, ultimately making financial trouble for Rupture Farms. They have to introduce new variants of foods. Abe’s curiosity got the better of him, he overheard Mullocks, the big boss, dark plans, and he spotted Abe. Mullock has a problem with Abe knowing these plans, and now Abe is running for his life.

So… what’s new?

The new version of the game has more modern camera angles and does not switch screens as the newer hardware supports the more fluid gameplay experience that comes with a moving camera and whole levels loaded entirely instead of only small parts.The difficulty of the game is just as frustrating and challenging as back in the day, levels are basically the same, Mudokon secret areas are at the same places, but the number of Mudokons are upped to a full 299 to rescue throughout the game.

Even that I haven’t played the full game in 10 years and only briefly played the original when I bought it of sheer nostalgia on the digital Store, I felt right at home when I started up New ‘N’ Tasty. Same characters, same functions, same atmosphere, and same levels – to the point I was re-experiencing the same game again, as the graphics has been upped to a standard that I would recall as being the same as back then. Some things has been moved, and the game has gotten more Mudokons to save, not to mentioned added trophies, which add gameplay time by a huge margin, as it motivates the player to improve their skills to perfection.

The game is in 3D on a 2D plane, more commonly referred to as 2.5D game. This means that even the game got up to par, graphics-wise, the developer still honor the old gameplay going back and forth on girders, avoiding bullets shots from the trigger happy sligs, and jumping gaps that might or might not contain secrets if you happen to fall down in it. Look for friends of your species, talk to them, make them avoid sharp blades and ultimately save them and get them back home to the natives that are ready to welcome them with open arms. Get through the levels as fast as possible while you trick the retarded sligs, avoid the nasty slogs and in the end, take down Mullock to foil his plans of putting the Mudokons on the menu.


Pressing up for jumping is a little annoying, as I have more than once by my thumb twitching a bit, jumped and awakened the sleeping slig close by. Pressing square for going through doors is more debatable, but I can not count on one hand how many times I’ve pressed up by habit. The added difficulty options is surprising when you realise the differences; I would have guessed trap mines would explode easier and sligs aiming better, but it goes further than that; trap mines pattern are different on each difficulty, and flowing mines are more present in the harder difficulties.

There’s a little spoiler alert in this paragraph, mark the text by your mouse to read.

I usually do not talk pricing or trophies in reviews, but I will cover trophies this time, purely because it changes how we play the game, and you can compare it to the old one. I can’t recall for sure if I ever got to the end in the original, but if I did, I made only one playthrough, with the bad ending as I did not save enough Mudokons. Now the game has trophies, I am sure I will at some point work towards saving them all, and when the patch is out, trying to better my times to get all the trophies for the game. That is a big margin in gaming time for this game, purely because of trophies.

The end

6 Years ago I was in touch with Oddworld Inhabitants, asking them if they would do exactly this: remake Abe’s Oddysee and add trophies and achievements (the game has been announced for Playstation formats, Oddworld Inhabitants has confirmed they want to get on other platforms, but for now, the game has an exclusivity due to being on Sony’s E3 stage). The answer I got back then was mysterious and wouldn’t give me any clear cut answers. So at that point in time, I knew SOMETHING was happening, but not what. When Abe’s Oddysee was released on PSN, and later on Abe’s Exoddus, then bundled together in “Oddbox” I thought that was it and grabbed Oddysee. I was wrong, but I do not regret supporting the developer.

I’ve played through the game twice, and only stopped as the game did not update my new and improved time in the prologue level, and I really hope that a patch will clear out this bug so I can go on and get all the trophies, and that way use as much time as possible on this beautiful remake. I’ve really enjoyed the game, I really have. I highly recommend it to everyone who remember the original fondly, and for those who did not game back in 1997, but like platformers and puzzlers such as Limbo, this is a must-buy.

The game is currently digital only on PS4, with plans on other PS platforms as cross-buy product. Oddworld Inhabitants wants the game to other platforms than PS, so expect to see it pop in on Steam and Xbox consoles too.

Hit; Beautiful remake, did everything right, it got a proper upgrade, and still honor the old gameplay.

Miss; Bugs. I hear of bugs on newly released games, but this is the first time I’ve actually encountered a bug that made me stop playing until a patch is released.

Need; It doesn’t really need anything added, but added bonus levels could have been fun to play.

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