Matterfall review

Being a bullet hell on feet, Matterfall is both fun and frustrating without any sort of limits to either.

So somebody plays around with matter as well as prototype warmachines – below one of the biggest cities in the solar system. Things really go awry when the matter decides to get self aware and having prototype war robots at the ready just makes for a bad blend. So in the midst of history’s biggest evacuation, they are sending in specialists to try and tidy up all the mess. You’re one of these specialists. Welcome to Matterfall.

Tools are everything
The gameplay feels fluid and full of fun – and bullets. If you take Resogun and mix it with Shadow Complex, you have Matterfall. Everything is working as a 2D game, but with 3D surroundings, so I am going to classify it as 2.5D. As you go through the levels, jumping from platform to platform, utilizing your tools, you encounter enemies in the form of red matter.

There’s encounters with a few enemies and there’s encounters with a lot of enemies. The real bullet hell begins when you meet the end of chapter bosses, the first one being in the form of a wasp. This particular boss has three different stages, depending on how much health it has left, and each stage has its own pattern you need to learn before being able to beat the boss.

As much fun this game is, i can’t but help being really disappointed in this game – and there is only one reason for this. The reveal trailer from 2015. It led me to believe we would experience a huge epic story in a big city under destruction in an open world adventure game. We didn’t hear much about the game since its initial reveal, only to get some gameplay videos during this years E3, which I personally missed because they were not in the forefront. The sudden release is explained by the size of the game, and I think it’s such a shame that the game got this big and amazing reveal trailer, as it could have been a big hit without.

Oh, the horror!
Worse is the controls – they are out of the ordinary which makes it really hard to get used to. And you can’t even change them, so you will just have to make due and get used to controls unseen from other games. The twin stick setup is fine, very common. Control your character with left stick, shoot with right stick by pointing the direction you want to shoot in. Beyond that, it gets weird. I also experienced a bug where the floor felt like glue – and in a bullet hell game that is inexcusable.

Overall, I can see myself having huge amounts of fun with Matterfall, yet I fear that I also will have a lot of frustrating moments. On the behalf of the game, I’m sad that their initial reveal made me expect something else than what the game ended up to be. The story seems promising and the game is in no way bad, but it is flawed and could use some polishment – preferably to the same detail as Resogun is.

Hit; A fun and fantastic looking bullet hell on feet.
Miss; Controls are really weird – and can’t be changed.
Need; An open world epic story based adventure as the reveal trailer implied.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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