Review: Horizon Zero Dawn DLC: Frozen Wilds

The story of the main game for Horizon Zero Dawns lets you play as Aloy, a girl who grows up as an outcast, and we have no idea why until quite late in the game. As you progress, you slowly get clues and past stories from the old world, revealing what happened that doomed the humanity to extinction and how far they went to give humanity a chance later.

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Full of determination, Aloy goes for a quest to find out who her mother is, why she is an outcast, and why the others from the tribe doesn’t treat her well. This determination makes her grow up to a very strong woman who goes through great lengths to get the answers to her questions.

Sadly, I never got the chance to play this game on anything above an HD ready screen, so I can’t tell you about the (whispers: nearly) 4K with HDR this game offers, especially on the PS4 Pro – which I do have. I can’t tell you how much I had to restrain myself from NOT buying a new TV here and now with the backup savings money.

Even on a subpar TV this game looks and handles AMAZING beyond anything else, meeting a new machine is thrilling, even when it’s a smaller “species” or what seemingly are based on what we know as a herbivore. Will they attack or run? They certainly will warn their mates if they spot you. You get the upper hand if you catch the machines off guard – but beware that some will have technology to spot you, even if you are hiding in the bushes.

The best thing about the game is that when the story is done, you feel you have completed the game, with a bit more to do, in case you want more or want the trophies. There’s no big grind, there’s no never-ending multiplayer you have to get really good at to feel its’ completed and there’s no microtransactions apart from the newly released side story that I’ll review below!

Let’s move on the DLC: Frozen Wilds, which was released recently. This is a true expansion pack, opening up a corner of the map that you previously couldn’t access, with all new people to talk to and machines to hunt – or be hunted by. I loaded up my 50 lvl character from my ultra hard mode playthrough, and being near a Thunderjaw (which has a lot in common with a T-rex) I got my ass kicked – mostly because I had forgotten the different controls and I had totally lost the muscle memory for the games’ playstyle.

Alright then – save the game, load a totally new game. After playing for a handful of hours, i felt confident enough to move onto loading up the 50 lvl character and venture into The Cut, the Frozen Wilds area.

Not much time went by before I met the first new machine, guarding a small valley, and this was my only way to get through and continue my adventure. This guy spewed fire, had huge claws, was fast and overall dodged most of my moves. Alright, time to check out his weaknesses. Alright, fire canister on the back to set fire to and blow up and the machine was weak to ice. Using the ropecaster to get it under control, I finally took the machine down. I proceeded on this new exciting adventure in the ice world of The Cut, meeting the Banuk people that told me that there were a lot of trouble to handle.

Besides this new guy, another breed with two different versions was introduced to me, one of them being in the endgame. A new “spell” on the machines was also introduced – going by the name daemonic. Apparently, some software from the old ones had trouble with another software, and that affected the machines and the world the tribes lived in.

The game will also introduce you to some new weapons and some new outfits. However i had the outfit giving you a shield from my previous adventures and once you have that, you really don’t need – or want – anything else the game throws at you. You have to activate a Tallneck, then climb it as all the other ones you’ve met.

I was surprised at how much content you actually get. Not only that, the missions in the game ties neatly into the main games missions – however, playing this with only the ending mission left from the main game, I’m not sure when you can get into The Cut playing from a new game, nor if any certain dialogues changes.

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