LittleBigPlanet 3 review

Another game emerges that features the beloved little Sackboy with full of creativity. This time a couple friends join in that makes for some marvelous gameplay mechanics.

The story is filled to the brim with classic clichés but that doesn’t make less of a cute story with characters that all gets to you. Besides, the story is not the main thing for this game, it’s the creativity surrounding it. The 4 titans was trapped in their prison a long time ago, but because of one fixed idea made up by a rogue scientist, they got away and now they’re sucking in all the worlds creativity which will end all things as we know it. A little into the story it is revealed that these titans has taken the control of the scientist, so you need to rescue him AND capture the titans to restore the world. The story mode includes amazing and really interesting bossfights that stayed with me for a long time after playing the game – and that I remember fondly off now that I need to recall the game as I am writing this review.

Cute new characters introduced and loving it!
The three new characters adds some really interesting stuff to the game, and this was the biggest selling point for me – to be honest, after playing the Vita game, I had begun to write off this franchise, as there is only so much you could add after introducing the touch-screen functions, and a platformer is a platformer. I am not really into keep building stuff as that would require me to play the game for much longer, and I am a diverse gamer that prefers to get to the next game in line once the story has been beaten. The reviewer-position I have (which is in my free time and I don’t earn any money from it) makes it possible for me to keep playing new games, and essentially I don’t have the time to play the same game for more than a few weeks.

is the new favourite pet made of knitting. His ability is to run up walls and jump off them – he can reach places that is not possible for Sackboy.

Toggle has the ability to change between being little and fast and big and heavy – perfect to run away from enemies, into small places and great at putting weight on functions to open doors or make him spring up in the air.

Swoop does as his name implies: he swoops. In the form of a bird, you can fly and reach new places as well as grabbing things to activate them.

While the story in itself is fairly short (read: incredible disappointing short!) it is an amazing journey to travel through. Lots of new gameplay elements, including teleports, rocket-boots, new character abilities, and much more. The game really has a lot of replay value, one – if not THE – franchise that has the highest replayability on consoles. There really isn’t any end to the game if you like being creative and build stuff in the game and you don’t stop playing because you either got through the story or you got all the trophies. And if you don’t fancy building yourself, you will be able to find thousands upon thousands of levels and game modes made by other players.

So this game has a lot of content outside the story
There is a challenge mode though, the first one in the franchise. Here you go through a number of challenges which is essentially just taking bricks and move then in a place so you can get to the next challenge. Academy playlist is the same but more basic. I don’t recall if the game asks the player if they have played the other games in the series upon the first bootup of the game, but if it’s not, it should and just forward the player to the academy playlist to let them learn the ropes of the LittleBigPlanet franchise.

To sum everything up, the game is absolutely a lot of fun to play, but I played it for the story, and it does bug me that it was so short compared to earlier games in the series. But the three new characters really bumps it a lot up on the scale, and I’d love to see them applied to the series for good, or at least for a couple games. With the added side missions and the neverending adding of new user based levels and challenges, the game has a lot to offer.

Hit; Three new characters makes for really fun new abilities.
Miss; Story is on the short side.
Need; Hard to wish extra content on a game that feels neverending. A sequel?

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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