Infamous SS DLC: First Light review

When Delsin took his powers to Seattle in Infamous: Second Son, not many players would have argued that his Neon ability was the most fun. Now that Sucker Punch has created a stand-alone expansion around Fetch, the character that gave him that power, will players have as much fun lighting up the Seattle streets once again?

Neon is the Drug of Choice
Fetch is a girl with serious issues. Having discovered that she had conduit powers from a young age, Fetch and her brother, Brent, are on the run to prevent her from being locked up in the oppressive Curdun Cay. The pair lived on the streets and struggled to overcome drug addiction, but they survived. Then things went wrong. We join Fetch as she arrives at Curdun Cay and she is recounting her tale of the events leading up to her capture, starting with the final big job that the pair are about to pull before they escape to Canada in a boat.

When Infamous: Second Son’s protagonist, Delsin, hit Seattle, he had a variety of powers at his disposal. However, Fetch isn’t a power sponge, so players are limited to Neon abilities. It’s a good job, then, that drowning Seattle in neon pink is just so much fun. While some of Fetch’s abilities will be familiar to players, Sucker Punch has added more to keep players occupied and, as the story progresses, players are gradually introduced to these new powers.

Despite this, you never really get a chance to test these powers to their fullest during the 4-5 hour storyline. There are no boss battles, just groups of Akuran thugs and D.U.P. agents, meaning that Fetch’s enemies never have any depth of character. The length of the story also means that you don’t really get the chance to acquaint yourself with the supporting characters. Unfortunately, this also includes Brent, who deserved to be given much more of a starring role.

A Leap of Faith
Like Delsin, Fetch needs to clear areas of Seattle to gain the skill points to be able to increase her powers. Lumens need catching, neon pink graffiti needs to be beamed onto walls, and police drones need shooting out of the sky. In fact, the collectibles are where you will get to test Fetch’s true agility, as the majority of Lumens are in hard to reach places where a leap of faith may be the only way to reach them. When you’ve caught them all, you’re left with a fairly empty area of Seattle as fast travel isn’t an option. Instead, you’re left with the only option of running across the map, although to make this less tedious there are neon bursts dotted across the streets in frequent intervals.

Practice Makes Perfect
To make up for the short story, players will get access to three Curdun Cay battle arenas in which to practice their skills and fulfil a variety of challenges. With the continuous waves of enemies taking the form of Akuran gangsters, D.U.P. agents and demons (don’t ask), this is where the game’s challenge really lies. You can either choose to survive for as long as possible, or you can choose to rescue hostages. Either way, those who are interested in leaderboards (or trophies) will spend a fair bit of time practicing to get that elusive high score.

Those who aren’t interested in either of those are likely to get bored after trying each arena a couple of times. It’s a nice gesture by Sucker Punch, but not one that fits into the world created by Infamous: Second Son.

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to play Infamous First Light as a stand-alone title or as DLC after you take on Infamous: Second Son; the story is self-sufficient enough that prior knowledge of Second Son is not required. However, if you have chosen to play First Light as a DLC add-on, you may be disappointed. The content adds story, but that’s about it. There’s no new gameplay of note and the battle arenas only add longevity for the most ardent of Neon enthusiasts.

We don’t give scores to DLC’s. We gave the main game an overall score at 9 out of 10.

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