Gravity Rush Remastered review

Within a world that has no bottom, lives around a tree and with strange and dangerous gravity storms, there’s a challenge laid out for you to save a city. Take your gravity powers to the test with Kat and her cat. Now on the big screen.

The game was made by Project Siren for the Playstation 4 and published by Sony. Gravity Rush Remastered was released February 5th 2016, including all the extra content that released for the original version on Playstation Vita.

As Kat you have to help out the town of Hekseville that has lots of inhabitants for a town that floats in the sky. Gravity feels off, when looking at how people use transportation, however this is a diverse world where you can experience the most we know from our real lives with schools, entertainment, industrial sections with plants, large sections with residency and town squares as well.


You wake up in the middle of this with no clue who you are or where you you are. As you progress with a cat as friend you get the name Kat and you’ll meet different towns people with very different personalities. You quickly find a home you collect items for, like a chair and a bed to before you jump into the story for real.

An hour or two into the game, you’ll realise that large sections of the city is missing, and a friend of yours named Gade tells you his secret which also reveals he is the only one who can help you help the city. Now your job is to help the city with your special powers.

Just as fun as the Vita version, the new version of this game carries on to show players who don’t own a Vita what great a game it is. I dig that. You can apply gravity to you and some items with the help of the cat, and as you progress you can get some powerful attacks so you can fight against the enemy that the city suffers under.


Activate the non gravity, use the right stick to look around and aim where to fall towards, even if it upwards. This makes for a somewhat clumsy way to play, and you will get hit a lot by enemy artillery. You will be shot while attacking so the best thing you can learn is to re-initiate the attack as fast as you can, as any hits will stop your attack.

The game also include a lot of RPG components, like upgrades to your powers and healthbar. I can recommend updating the health-bar as one of the first things to get so you have a bigger chance of surviving some of the bigger fights in the game. To get upgrades and unlock some challenges (and helping the city by activating stuff around the place) you need to collect gems – these gems are scattered all over and under the city so look out of them and just collect as you go.

There’s extensive collecting in the game, but just playing through the story is a great experience, bar some of the below statements. The game has a bunch of great side missions and challenges as well, extending your experience to satisfaction.Side missions stems from what was the DLC for the first version of the game, and shows what happened to Kat during her stay in Hekseville, but based on flashbacks.


Challenges are short bursts of what it is.. challenges. Going from A to B and beat the time or beat up enough of enemies to get enough point. Surf, jump, run, fly and fall through the city and rifts. These are not required to experience the story of Hekseville and Kat but are fun things you can challenge yourself with during story or after – and of course if you’re working towards trophues. They’ll also grant quite a lot of gems so you can upgrade Kats abilities.

There were a few things that annoyed throughout the game – one of them being a thing that the Vita version carried and the developers decided to keep in. Motion sensing. I don’t get why a game on PS4 should use it unless it is for a minigame. Motion sensing are luckily limited to be within pause menu and save/warp menu (being home) to look around with. Totally unnecessary if you ask me.

Kats side-comments really got to me. Obvious things are obvious doesnt have to be written out. Whole being a joke and a trait, it’s still getting old and inadvertently Kat just comes off as a jerk to others. Meeting with someone with a personal problem that talks is one thing, but when kat stops the conversation rudely, it make her less likeable.


The game felt clumsy, but i don’t think this issue could be improved other than changing the gameplay or the controls. Shifting direction required you to stop for a short moment, and if it were more than within a set degree of where you already were headed, you had to stop, look around then start again.

I really liked revisiting Hekseville and fly around while shifting gravity, and i still like Kat as a person as well as her pet. Hekseville looks just as stunning as it did on Vita, and it is a joy to assemble missing parts to the city and helping out the people of the world. But being blamed for what’s happening to the city gets old and annoying – it kinda ruins the “I’m a hero” feeling that would had been awesome for this game. It does shows some morale for even when you’re doing right, some people will see it as wrong. And you might now know everything that surrounds a subject.

Hit; Blown up to the big screen as well as giving players without the Vita a chance to experience a gem of a game with unique gameplay.
Miss; Kats obnoxious side comments on obvious things and cutting off conversations.
Need; Controls aren’t that smooth, but I do think it’s due to how the game plays rather than decisions on controls.


These new scores differ very differently from my original review of the game which ended on an overall 9. I was either blown away by the gameplay back then or simply not yet used to observe some things that I am able to do today.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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