Destiny review w/ video

Here’s first take on a new version of our reviews. A week ago I recorded an hour of gameplay, so in this review I will disregard everything remotely related to the gameplay and descriptions as these can be found in the video. I also comment and explain some things within – the first 20 or so minutes is the most interesting, rest of the video is firefight in an early and in a late mission.

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

See all the games that went straight to my heart, right here!

Good things

  • Beautiful graphics, especially on the new generation of consoles
  • Quite a bit of character customisation
  • Rewarding*
  • Achievement/trophy lists seems doable
  • New content often
  • Bungie plans to support the game the next ten years with new content
  • RPG elements without overdoing it

Bad things

  • Loot drops need grindy gameplay, especially high-level items
  • No matchmaking**
  • Easy to lose bounties***

* Playing Destiny is quite rewarding as the game gives out quite the loot, you get to upgrade your character often, and you can easily see how much the progress bar rises towards the next level with each kill – or even when nearby players makes a kill. You’ll often see loot (weapons and armor) dropping from enemies which makes the game real fun from the get go. You will see yourself checking your inventory and exchanging weapons and armor almost after each mission if not more often. However, as you progress, your inventory will fill out and you’d have to dismantle the weapons in exchange for Glimmer, the in-game currency.

** Crucible, the PvP mode, which is essentially af simple deathmatch mode is fun. However, the game does not do well with matchmaking, if at all. I was level 5 and 16 when I tried the mode out, and the opposing players had a clear advantage because with levels (which are clearly shown) comes better weapons and better armor. This is not good as it scares new players away as they have no chance against the high-level players.

*** When I got into the bounties page the first time, I added a few bounties to try them out, but there’s only 5 spaces, so later on I had to delete some of the them. Only to discover that if they’re from another day, you can’t retrieve them, and if they are from the same day, you can only retrieve the bounty before the list of bounties refresh. This is not explained and I got borderline angry as I removed the weekly strike bounty which is a dumb move looking at how bounties work. It should be explained, not explored.

All in all, I really enjoyed Destiny, and I normally do not do shooters, but the futuristic setting and visiting different planets made it for me, I was hyped about this game since the first trailer. The feeling of the game is also quite fine, you can really feel the power of the guns and it is easy to control the character and do quick dodges from enemy fire.

There’s lots of different guns and armor, and I like that you can see and meet other random players out in the field, and most behave just fine – not sure if it’s even possible to do damages to other players outside of Crucible mode, and it looks like drops are different for each player, but I haven’t experienced any players trying to make it sour for the rest on the team or nearby players.

Destiny was fun, got tired of it when I hit level 20, but only for a day or so when I read there was new bounties to take care of. However, I’ve refrained from playing it for now, as I have other games to tend to. Grindy game, but with lots of replayability as you can go for bounties that are refreshed every day.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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