Walking with Dinosaurs review

Walking With Dinosaurs will not impress you, but it might impress your kid.

The game makes use of Wonderbook, a peripheral in form of a book, and I will not be surprised if this is the second-to-last title to release for this peripheral. Book of Potions is on the way as well, but no other games has been announced. After all, you can’t alter the gameplay too much which is a shame, as I love the idea behind. The thing that annoys me the most is the cameras lack of quality and detection. My gamingroom is fairly dark, and I had to turn on additional light to even be able to play – something that differs from Book of Spells I might ad.

Potentially only four games for Wonderbook kind of makes me sad – it is an inventive and very engaging peripheral. Not only do the player have to move around a lot, and not just push buttons on the controller, they are told an adventure, and prompts the player to turn pages in the book to proceed into the adventure, even roar at the screen. One thing that annoys me a little. I know how to set up Wonderbook and the environment it needs, so for developers working on Wonderbook games: PLEASE ask the player if they’ve setup Wonderbook before so it goes directly to testing light and if it can see the player and the book instead of forcing the player to go through a setup time they don’t need.

Anyway, on to this game: Walking with Dinosaurs. Along with the movie release, or maybe to promote it (game falls before movie does where I live), the game takes the player into an adventure with the big beasts that lived so many millions of earth years ago. Find clues, feed the dinosaurs, help them find what they need and learn a lot of the era that we are so interested in, but never get to experience in real life, and that we only know a fraction of.

I’ve been a fan of dinosaurs since I was a kid, and a game or a movie starring these magnificent beings always catch my interest. With the help of the book, you get a true 3D world, where you can turn the world around when needed, and with your stick you can point out places of interest – which can change to for example a hammer so you can shatter some stones – followed by changing it to a brush, revealing the bones, which then prompts you to place the bones correctly in the skeleton. Placing these is the easiest thing in the game, since the game promptly gives you a very blunt hint as to where that bone has to go.

The game is not bad, and as long as you know what you’re in for, you’ll enjoy it immensely. Can be played with your kids or kids can play it together, taking turns, as the game are very clear on turning a page, simply due to Wonderbook. Five Chapters, with six page turns each – which is what Wonderbook have. New chapter: turn over the book and open page 1-2.

Walking with Dinosaurs is all about ‘Fun, Fear and Facts’. We wanted to create a new way of learning about and interacting with dinosaurs. With Wonderbook images come to life, popping as if the worlds and creatures are standing right there on the page in front of you. This gave us a unique way to introduce people to the amazing time of the dinosaurs, from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous periods.

One of the best things about working with the BBC is their incredibly rigorous fact checking. We worked with palaeontologists to verify and triple check that all our facts were fully accurate. It was an amazing journey full of mind-boggling discoveries – something we’re so excited about passing on to a whole new audience.

Picture has been taken from developers official website.

Walking with Dinosaurs™ uses Wonderbook to take you closer to the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth. Experience the wonder and awe of having giant dinosaurs stampeding through your living room.

Travel around the globe to authentic paleontological dig sites to excavate fossils that then come to life transporting you back millions of years. Follow individual dinosaurs as they struggle to live in hostile landscapes filled with predators, prey and natural disasters.

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