Play PC games from the couch with the new gaming board from ROCCAT.

The thing is massive, but it has its purposes for it – for one thing, it includes a mousepad, but it also has wrist rest for your hands – and you won’t be using this device for long before you realise why it’s big. It’s also quite heavy but that makes it stable and solid.

As always, the packaging looks and feels awesome with different textures for different parts of the design – some are glossy and smooth while some of it is matte yet smooth to the feel. Keeping the colours to black, white and the familiar ROCCAT blue, is making it easy to find on the shelf down in the store. The picture on the front is a little different from what it is normally – it shows how the gaming board is placed on the lap.

We previewed the SOVA a year ago with a promise of the wired version releasing in the first quarter of 2016, however according to coverage from other sites, it was released in June. I am getting it a little late, after I attended ROCCATs awesome little annual event for the press. This is the wired version and the wireless version is expected at a later date.


I downloaded the Swarm software from ROCCAT on my pc and toyed with it, pretty cool setups – the light only WASD function comes in handy for when playing games, however I was somewhat devastated to realise it only had one colour. The ROCCAT blue. I would have loved to have the keys in a low yellow with the wasd in bright red as an example. The light did disturb my eyes though which is a bummer and might only be because my head was a little tired when I wrote this with the keyboard.

It is very comfortable to sit with and use, and it does have a very noisy clickety-clackety sound when using the mechanic keys, and that is fantastic and lovely, making a great feedback. Just make sure you don’t use it heavily near other people that might be bothered by the noisy keys. The layout is different from other keyboards as it doesn’t have a numpad, and it has a few function buttons that makes some buttons switch modes to shrink the keyboard even more.

However, the whole thing is massive as hell, probably to make it comfortable for prolonged use, and it does this perfectly, but that means good space for wrists and the mouse, and this is what makes the board big. However this is what SOVA is all about and I applaud it.


There’s a mechanical and a membrane version of the keyboard, and you can change the mousepad and the pads on the bottom of the board to make it fit your style or comfort. However the standard units the board is outfitted with in the box are great. Pads are pillow like, but softer than a sponge, while the mousepad is very smooth and fast for your mouse – this took me aback when I was testing the unit.

I love ROCCAT SOVA and I can imagine using it a lot to play PC games on the couch on the TV, which already has a PC set up, and I intend to keep it close in top of a drawer to quickly pull out to play some big screen Overwatch or something similar.

This is very recommended for the PC gamer looking to get their gaming experience into the living room, but still wanting a keyboard and mouse for games that don’t work well with controllers.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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