The SKELTR is impressive by nature. As you set it up and the functions starts working, you feel like sitting in a cockpit of a high tech plane that is controlled by a keyboard and it’s keys.

The package in itself is pretty standard for a product from ROCCAT, shows how the keyboard looks like on the front, highlighting and explaining the different special abilities for this particular keyboard. And as usual, all in black, white text and the ROCCAT blue as highlights.


What this keyboards speciality is its ability to hold your phone or tablet and actually make use of the extra screen. The keyboard sports a furrow of a kind, with rubber on the inside – that works splendid as a holder for all phone and tablets in all sizes, both horizontal and vertical with no issues at all. You don’t feel that the device might fall out, unless you’re moving the keyboard around while the device is placed. If your device is vertical, you can’t have the power cord/USB plugged in, but it’s connected via bluetooth, so the device can still work without being connected by USB.

If you plug in your headset, and someone is calling you on the phone while you’re mid-battle, a quick push on the phone-button on the keyboard will take the call. The sound changes from the game to the phone and you can take your call without having to quit the battle. You can also write messages or chat on the phone by activating the keyboard to the phone with a button push and you can write messages that much faster.


Installing the ROCCAT Power Grid to the device and your PC as well as installing ROCCAT Swarm to make the keyboard more personal really adds to a connected and informative experience. Connecting the device via bluetooth to the PC activating the Power Grid will show you all sorts of performance info so you can follow your PC’s state. Heat and internet connection probably being the most vital info for any gamer.

Swarm makes it possible for you to change the lighting on the keyboard to different types of blinking, activating and pulsing, or even heatmap reactions. All this is ROCCAT software and seems to be working on all ROCCAT devices, and isn’t unique to SKELTR.

I tested some of the Swarm settings to toy around with the colours, as this keyboard also has some lights on the sides. There’s two different lighting sources on each side and they can be set individually as well – and you can set the colours on the regular keys of course. I tried out the heatmap setting being unaware what it was, and found it useable for someone who writes a lot and want to keep up the speed of the writing. The keys changes colour in accordance to how fast you’re typing and I must admit I found it alluring for me as I love to write in general and something like that puts a little pressure on me to keep up the speed and get some words down.


The design, apart from the sides that is open to show some lights, is typical ROCCAT. Bulky, stealthy, looking like armor and in general very masculine. Feels solid in a way that makes you believe that you can throw this out from a speeding car or from third floor without it breaking. However the sides does break this illusion a bit, but the keys on the other hand, feels big and thick, and with every push it makes this astounding feedback and makes it very satisfactory to use.

This is for the gamer who likes ROCCATs designs, and wants to keep tab on their phone or tablet while playing, and for the busy PC user to make use of the fast and easy phone functions if they want to keep tabs of the outside world while using the PC in general.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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