Review: Samsung 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor CFG70

Being very late with this review, I’ve been enjoying this monitor immensely for months by now. Samsung sent me this as a long term loan at the end of the summer, but I had yet to get my new PC. That I got at the beginning of september, and I have been enjoying it a lot ever since. This monitor has a lot to do with that.

Way too much Overwatch has been played ever since. My hours is at 185 played, and I might have been playing 80 of those before I got a decent rig to really let the game show its finest for me.

Beforehand I had been informed which monitor they send me – and truth to be told, I was a curved-screen sceptic. A huge one. Distorting the image like that? What about viewing angles?

When the screen arrived, I loved it from the get go – it came in this huge box, and I love huge packages, even when I know what is inside. When I finally got to assemble my desk, the first thing that was put on it, was the monitor. It looks beautiful on my grey/black BEKANT desk from IKEA.

During the next couple of months, I bought the parts for the PC, got it assembled, got other hardware for it, and I quickly got to hate playing with my Isku and when Razer announced a white hardware line, I was in love already – white hardware would fit in perfectly with my white PC case, but alas, it never reached the Nordic. Razer then asked if I would be interested in covering their new version of the Blackwidow keyboard.

Now the set was complete as you see above. 27 inches is a perfect fit for me, to be honest, at least for playing games. It’s a little to big to write on, but as I will be playing more than writing, at least on this machine, I couldn’t be more happier.

I have dabbled a little with the settings – when I am on rare occasion writing, there is too much white, so I am utilizing the eye saver mode, which brightens down the light, changing the hues and so on. Makes the white a little too yellow for my liking but it does its job very well.

I’ve experienced a couple of times that the monitor warns me that it is going into standby mode within a minute, which is frustrating and stressful when I’m in the middle of a heated fight in overwatch. I found the setting, which was set to turn off after 4 hours – but if I’m active, the PC should kinda tell the monitor I am still at the screen.

The stand and arm setup is cool and you can have the monitor as you like, even in horizontal mode if you need that. But the arm reaches a little too much behind for my liking – my table is not that deep and it is up against my wall, so my XL mouse mat can barely fit between the foot of the stand and the edge of the table.

The screen itself is pretty nice to work with, colours are great, the curved screen doesn’t warp the images – not to mention it has huge viewing angles as well. I can verify as I am often using spreadsheets to keep tabs on different things, such as my game collection. The lighting is great, bright colours, deep darks and I can always use eye saver mode when needed. Contrast is a whopping 3000:1 which explains the great dark areas, almost no leakage in light and it supports AMD freesync – which I sadly haven’t been able to test out as my PC has an Nvidia GPU. When I’m playing, I don’t see the screen tearing at all, but further testing done when deliberately testing motion blur and screen tearing did absolutely show me a quite fair bit of tearing – however, I couldn’t see any motion blur, not even when dabbling with settings on the monitor like refresh rate and hrz.

A small addition the above: When I put Freesync on, even without having an AMD GPU and set the fps to custom based (up to 300 in Overwatch) I had no tearing at all – should be noted the ultimate engine for Freesync did still gave me some tearing.

The VA panel monitor sports 1ms which is quite important for games, especially when it has to go fast, such as in any multiplayer shooter game. That is one of the reasons I’ve been playing it a lot more after I got a good machine and a great monitor. I feel I can actually be able to compete and not being screwed by lag or latency.

All in all, this is a fantastic monitor and Samsung did great as being their first “real” gaming monitor with low latency, high megaherz (144) and different modes for having the settings and colours optimized for whatever game you are playing. I can highly recommend this screen, even its babysister at 24 inches, to anyone – just remember you need certain space on your table for this.

You can read more about the monitor here on its official page.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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