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So Razer made a phone. We know Razer from PC peripherals such as keyboards and mice of good quality that catered to gamers. They went on to make laptops and now they made a gaming phone.

Upon opening the fabric-upholstered box, you immediately see the quality behind Razers products and the well known logo with the three headed snake and the colours you know so well: black and neon green. The first thing you see when opening the magnetic held lid is the phone. In the next layer is the accessories that comes with the phone, each one neatly tucked in their own little box.

What’s in the boooxx?!
The phone itself is very boxy, if not the most squared hone on the current market, especially when the current trend is soft corners, edged screens, and metallic chrome frames. This phone has neither. Instead it has big speakers on the top and bottom, so you can have the Dolby supported stereo sound while playing games in horizontal mode. The IPS LCD screen sports a stunning 120Hz for those wildly competitive games you can play on the phone. Yes, I’m not serious right now, but this is what Razer is pushing the phone as on their website.

Not sure I’ll ever get used to not having any front faced buttons on a phone, as they were on the screen – but I did like the click-ey volume buttons on the left side of the phone and the fingerprint sensor / button hybrid on the right side made my usage of the phone so much easier while navigating personal stuff such as my lastpass and bank apps that all offered to make use of the fingerprint sensor to log me in.

And the phones entrails is…
The inside of the phone is just as impressive, it boasts a Snapdragon 835 and eight cores. It supports SD card up to 256GB while the internal is 64GB which should be enough for most users, unless they have a lot of videos or pictures on the phone itself. And it supports fast charging. In my tests, it charged from nearly empty (8%) to full (100% duh) in about 4 hours. For my personal use, it holds battery life for about 3 days. I turn on the screen to check the time or notifications about once an hour, I start Crazy Taxi Tycoon a couple times a day, maybe 10-40 mins of Super Mario Run and I get both Facebook, Twitch and Discord notifications on my phone, at least when I’m out and about.

While the screen itself is impressive and Razer has made their own “Theme Store” for people to easily grab a new set of icons to personalize their experience, the screen itself did not wow me like the Samsung Note Edge did when I reviewed that phone. On the other hand, the high framerate do impress me greatly, there’s no doubt it makes a difference, at least in some games.

It’s a gaming device!
I quickly tested Tekken on it, and it felt great when fighting. I tried Rocketball (which is a very dubbed down version of Rocket League and it plays fairly well for touch screen controls) as well as my usual games such as Crazy Taxi Tycoon (formerly Gazillionaire) and Super Mario Run. The loading times for these two games are about 5 times faster than on my old phone, a Oneplus Two, so especially in this department it absolutely feels like my old phone is outdated when it takes it maybe a minute for it to load Super Mario Run.

So am i gonna buy this phone? I’m not sure yet. I love the idea of having this brand as phone, and it is absolutely amazing for playing games on it – the thing is, with all the newest consoles in the house and me not going out often (and when I do, I drive or I’m socializing with people) I don’t have a huge need for gaming on the go. Also, the missing jack plug input annoys me.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the the rounded edges and corners that’s the current trend, the Razer phone seems too quadrangular – and its vibration is impressively loud too, and I think this might have something to do with the design of the case. If and when I buy this phone, I’ll be buying a flip cover for it at the same time (which Razer haven’t officially made..! why?) and I guess a soft cover around the phone will keep it more quiet.

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Getting sucked into games by Super Mario as a kid, gaming got on hold during her teens. Lured into gaming with the 7th generation by GTA IV, and a few years later intrigued by reviewing games, and now she's running gamingirl since 2009.

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