Razer Kraken Pro Neon review, pink edition

This headset is lightweight as promised, it’s foldable which makes it easier to shove it in the bag, and the variety of the colours in the line-up looks amazing, there’s a colour for everyone. Sound is good, but there’s some issues about this headset… at least according to my likings and shape of head.

First impressions: Alright. Girly headset, here we go. I like the bow-wow in the pang-pink colour that the headset sports, and it does lives up to it’s name, Neon. The headset is kept in black and the Neon colour assigned to it, which makes is simple, and that’s a good choice since the colour has so much pang. There’s a black Razer logo on the back of earcups and it almost looks like there should be coming sound out the back of them because of the surface of some parts, seen below in this picture.

The packaging: The headset looks astonishing in the package, and the package is transparent, so buyers have the option to see the actual colour, and not just a render of the headset which is often a little off compared to the real thing. I like the concept, especially since the dept of the colour does surprise at first sight and might be cause for some regrets of the purchase.

The design: Counting out the colour, the headset is quite standard and the design aren’t impressive. As all headsets today can, you can adjust the size to fit a bigger range of head sizes. Also, this headset is sporting a retractable microphone, so you can use this headset for taking calls, but also for some gaming. However, this headset is not wireless, so you’ll have to live with a wire if you want to be hip and wear the neon colour of your choice.

Upsides in use: The earcups is soft and feels nice around my ears, and the cups are very good at keeping outside sound dimmed, so you can enjoy the music much more. I am not an expert in sound, but the music sounded clear, juicy and full of power when playing from Spotify via my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note II. There’s also a lot of venting in the cups, so you won’t feel crammed or enclosed too much, much less sweat around the ears from heat.

The pain of the backside: I wanted to love this headset, I really did. My very first step back from the headset was the colour. While I think the colour is beautiful, I am not so sure I want to wear it in public (I did have it with me for one day at school in attempt to give it some test in a noisy environment), and I am a sucker for pink, but the colour is VERY powerful to look at. The shape of the headset did not do well with me; I had two choice on how to wear it. 1) With the bow the biggest as possible and let it “hang” in the earcups around my ears, making some uncomfortable pressure on the sides, or 2) let it rest via the bow on the top of my head and being in minor pain from the pressure on the top of my skull, and that’s in spite of it being stuffed. Sadly, the unit I got for review had a defect microphone, sound muffled to almost inaudible levels, so I decided to skip that part – check out other reviews for the headset to read up on the microphone.

Over all the headset is fine, but it has both it’s upsides and downsides as most things do. The Headset lives up to it’s name, has a classic design with added neon colour and the inevitable Razer logo finish it off. all you expect from the name alone in one fine package. The best part of the headset is how well it shuts out sound from the surrounding area and how well it vents so it doesn’t get too hot when wearing them.

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