Blue Yeti Nano

Blue continues their Yeti line with an upgrade, freeing up some space on your desk and updating the sound.

Having had a Blue Yeti in silver for years, the huge difference in size blew me away when I unboxed the Nano and placed it beside the regular sized Yeti. The Nano is about half the size (two-thirds of the height), and about the third of the weight including the weighted stands that comes with each microphone.

Placing the dark grey coloured Yeti Nano on the table, and removing the larger microphone I bought from a friend years ago, was a treat. Seems like I got a lot of table space back from just changing the microphone. Of course, in reality, it was just a few square centimeters, but actually I got more “space in the air” as the microphone is smaller in size and I sometimes have to reach around behind it, and there’s no doubt that it is easier as the Nano is smaller.

Sounds seems about being of the same qualtíty. The Nano has less options compared to the regular when looking at perception modes. Room (omnidirectional) and single person (cardioid) mode for the Nano while the full sized Yeti has a couple more, like bidirectional and stereo mode.

Omnidirectional is for use if you want to catch sound from several directions – like if you interview people or doing a podcast with several people. Since Nano doesn’t have bidirectional, this would be the mode to use even if you are just two people.

Cardiodic makes the microphone cancel out sounds from behind and the sides, focusing on what is in front of it. This will most definitely improve sound quality as it wont pick up background sounds as much – giving a clear and crisp sound recording.

The Nano records at a higher bitrate (24bit) than the regular model (16bit) so more information is being recorded, making the files bigger, but should contain more details. Question is if its even audible, which I largely doubt – for me it is not. The hertz is being recorded at CD quality at 48khz, which many audiophiles would call bad quality, but for most people the quality is just fine, if not great.

The Nano is the newest, the smallest and the cheapest of the Yeti series, and most definitely worth looking into for the amatour music maker or any contant creator on the internet. This is a good starting device for sound recording, however if your budget is limited, go with something cheaper or alternatively, a used, until you know you are going to make use of a microphone.

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