Disney Infinity 2.0 Wave 3

Character wave 3 of the Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes is in stores; This include the following figures: Green Goblin from Spider-Man, Jasmine from Aladdin, as well as Ronan and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy, and soon to be released, Loki and Falcon from the Avengers. I will be showing you guys all of the above, part the two latter ones, which might or might not be covered in a later article.

Baymax, Big Hero 6 – Wave 2
Starting with a movie that haven’t released in my country yet, but is in cinemas in some areas around the world: Big Hero 6. Disney were so kind to put Baymax into the package, even though he’s from Wave 2, released late last year.

Baymax, Big Hero 6, Disney InfinityBaymax can fly and sports a rocket fist and a bunch of cool melee moves to mow down the enemies – he can also heal items he’s holding onto. He is after all a healthcare robot.

Green Goblin, Spider-man – Wave 3
Green Goblin is a part of the Spider-man universe and is part of the Wave 3 release. The figure looks great – a bit intimidating too – holding that bola bomb in his hand. If that had glowed, that figure would have been sick. Ingame it glows, and it looks fantastic.

Disney Infinity 2.0, Green Goblin,  figureBeing able to blow up enemies with bola bombs is (sorry the pun) tha bomb! While you can’t lock on an enemy with the bombs, it has heavy damage as well as an impressing splash damage. He also wears an electric glove, I assume this gives some kind of melee damage when applicable. He can be upgraded to regenerate his health.

Aladdin (Wave 2) and Jasmine (Wave 3), Disney’s Aladdin
There’s no Jasmine without her Aladdin, and Disney certainly agrees with me as they put Aladdin into the package, even though he also belong to Wave 2, released alongside Baymax. As always, they’re a cute couple and their poses suggests that the designers expected people to put them together on the shelf.

Disney Infinity 2.0, Aladdin, Jasmine, figuresAladdin has his trusted sword hi uses for much of the melee attacks – he also uses it for the ranged attack where he throws it and it acts like a boomerang coming back to him for the next throw or slash. His super is the magic lamp, called the curse of the lamp, where he sucks enemies into it.

Jasmine seems to be a bit more subtle on her moves – she can throw whirlwinds at enemies with the help of the magic carpet and has a wide variety of mediocre to strong melee attacks. Where’s Rajah?

Ronan and Yondu, Guardians of the Galaxy – Wave 3
The blockbuster movie from last year had some loveable characters as well as some good scary villains – Wave 3 presents the two worst ones; Ronan and Yondu.

Disney Infinity 2.0, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan,  YonduRonan looks really cool and the hammer (going by the name Universal Weapon) has some awesome effects when in use. It gives him some very strong melee attacks as well as a ranged attack by shooting electrical-looking balls out of it, as well as pushing enemies away and ricochet enemy fire without taking any damage. Ronan can cloak.

Yondo seems cool too. He has a very strong ground attack, a weak super attack, but his Yaka Arrow is versatile and have a bunch of different upgrades. For example stun enemies, ricochet between enemies and blow up in the face of the last ricochet enemy. Super sends arrows down on surrounding enemies.

Stitch’ Tropical Rescue and Brave: Forest Siege Game Discs
Last, but certainly not least. Two new Game Discs has been released (no achievements or trophies has been added though!), both sporting a new world to venture into in the form of tower defense, platforming and horde modes. Now… where’s my Merida and Stitch figures? Oh well, here’s to hoping that I am lucky to grab them at a bargain some time int he future.

Disney Infinity 2.0, Game Disc, Stitch' Tropical Rescue, Brave: Forest Siege

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