Tokyo Crash Mobs review

It is with amusement that I find the fact that my first review for a website called ‘Gamin’ Girl’ should be for a game about a pair of preppy girls whose ultimate ambition is to successfully make it to the shops. But, despite the protagonists and their arguably bimbo-esque aspirations, I don’t believe this to necessarily be a ‘girl’s game’. It has a depth and level of addictiveness that puts it among the very best the Nintendo 3DS eStore offerings, and an appeal that is quite universal.

At its heart Tokyo Crash Mob has some similarities with older puzzle games such as Dr Mario and Columns, although everything about the presentation is fresh. You are still ultimately playing a game of ‘Connect Three’, but in a whole new way. Where as in Dr Mario you would toss pills, here you toss people. People who will, naturally enough, scream and moan as you toss them.

Be ruthless!

Which brings me to my next point; that of how this game has a fantastic sense of humour. Bimbos as the protagonists may be, they are still utterly ruthless, even sadistic, in their quest to reach those shops. They throw the ‘scenesters’ (what NPCs are referred to as ingame) with real vigour, and when they manage to bowl some out of the queue by matching three of a colour they scream a triumphant ‘Yay’. Without an awful lot of regard for any pain, injury (or even death) they may have bestowed on their departed victims.

Yes, what you have here is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously one little bit. The loading screen for each level even has your chosen player making a circle with her finger next to the text ‘delusion now’. And the scenesters get their revenge when you fail a level, by sending your player spinning, screaming off into outer space!

It must be said that this is a game with an intriguing soundtrack. Again there is inspiration from classic puzzle history, this time ChuChu Rocket. As with ChuChu, the pace of the music changes to match that of the ingame activities. Cute, upbeat piano ditties are mixed in with wind-instrument based anthems which really help give this title a wholly arcade feel.

A game full of little quirks

Other little novelties include the Japanese drama series-inspired cutscenes which serve to introduce you to each of the levels, and the fact that every 7th mission in Story Mode is played via using the Gyroscope (you usually use the touchscreen).

In conclusion, Tokyo Crash Mobs is a hilarious and enchanting little game that will keep you hooked until you’ve gold-starred every mission. At £5.39 it also happens to be one of the best value titles there are on Nintendo 3DS estore. Titles like this show that Nintendo is more than making up for the lack of retail releases through these download releases, where games such as TCM and Hydroventure are really serving to brighten up 3DS players’ dark winter nights.

Hit; The humour, presentation, simple gameplay and additional little quirks.

Miss; Story mode is a little too short.

Need; A multiplayer mode, to share the shenanigans!

This review was written by Helen.

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