PS4 Launch Event

November 15th saw the launch of the Playstation 4 in North America, and what self-respecting console launch would be without a midnight launch party? Held in New York City, the city in which the console was first announced, the party was an epic event brimming with both nostalgia and a healthy dose of anticipation as to what the future holds.

Mmmm, games!
The show kicked off with a tantalizing sizzle reel, filled with snippets of games both current-gen and next-gen, which certainly set the mood. In the current-gen corner, Naughty Dog took the stage (well, took to the couch…) to show off an excruciatingly short teaser of their The Last of Us single player DLC; Left Behind. Not to mention having most of the crowd squeal in excitement when they got to their next-gen segment, and presented their world premiere trailer for the new Uncharted! *swoon*

The entire show was studded with new trailers from Infamous: Second Son’s showcase of Delsons neon powers, to Destiny’s in-engine trailer, to yet another trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Not to mention all of the current trailers which they threw in from time to time. It wasn’t all trailers though – it was also announced that the beta for Destiny will be available first for both PS3 and PS4. Towerfall was also announced for PS4, and although Hideo Kojima wasn’t there in person to show his trailer, he was present in virtual spirit via a video message to reveal a PS4 exclusive mission “Déjà vu” which looked like a total nostalgia trip.

One of the more… disconcerting… announcements came from their research and development department Magic Lab. They mentioned a technology that they’re working on which allows for player eye tracking, so that the game can follow where you are looking and what you are interested in focusing on. Great! But, maybe a little weird to have the camera tracking eye movements. However, there was also some awesome news to come out of this segment, they announced a partnership with NASA and JPL, intending to “help [players] feel like you’re exploring space along with NASA”. Come on, who doesn’t want to explore space with NASA?!

Honestly though, it was great to see all of the hype building for the next-gen extravaganza, and feel the community nostalgia built by all of the #MyPlaystationMemory comments shared from twitter throughout the show. But I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more of a female presence. Yeah, one of the presenters was female, but out of all the people queued up at the event there wasn’t a woman in sight.

Greatness Awaits
Anyway, lack of womanly-presence aside, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Microsoft brings to the table at their launch, and with both Microsoft and Sony starting almost on the same foot in terms of release date and specs, it’ll be interesting to see who gets ahead this generation. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

You can see the show in it’s full lenght right here:

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