PS Vita: Now with PlayStation Plus!

Good news everyone! The PlayStation Vita is joining Sony’s PlayStation Plus programme with a knock-out lineup!

Sony also announced that Plus subscribers will also gain access to 1GB of Vita cloud storage, alongside the 1GB of PS3 cloud storage they already have. There will be no additional charge for the PS Vita service, meaning the Plus subscription just got that little bit more delectable. There are 2 subscription options available; yearly at $49.99/£39.99/€49.99 or on a three month plan at $17.99/£11.99/€14.99. Keep in mind that, just as before, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download a free game and it’ll be saved to their downloaded list, so that they can continue to access it even after the free period has ended (though it’s worth noting that, as before, if you discontinue your Plus subscription you will lose access to these free games).

On the Playstation Blog, Sony comments that “…now is the perfect time to purchase a PS Vita“, but I can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling that the offer comes a little late. This offer would have been fantastic if it had been there with all the Vita launch hype, but time will tell if it works out for them.

Access to these games, and other features, will arrive via the new firmware update for the PS Vita (v2.00) on the 21st November (for EU) and 19th/20th November (North America). Additionally, all the saucy details on the EU package can be found on Sony’s EU official blog post, whilst the US particulars can be found on their US official blog post.

Now that the PS Vita is looking a bit more appetizing, are you considering making the purchase? Or feeling a bit cheated as you’ve already bought these games? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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