Gamescom 2014: Microsoft press meeting

Microsoft has had a really hard time since they showed us their new console, the Xbox One – there were a lot of things that upset a lot of people, and heads rolled in the top of the Xbox team. So far, it seems they did the right decisions, and with Phil Spencer being a real gamer himself, I am sure things will change for the better – in many people eyes.

Since this article won’t mention everything from the show, I recommend watching the whole show, courtesy of IGN:

Gregor Bieler, GM Consumer Channels Group, MS Deutchland, went onstage to greet the crowd, and he introduced Phil Spencer which went onstage to show some of the best games coming to Xbox One (5 multiplatform/crossgen-games and 4 Xbox exclusives), then went on to announce FIFA Legends. David Rutter went on stage to talk about more FIFA details, and he called Peter Schmeicel onstage for a short talk, which was entertaining.

Microsoft decided to get past the indie games early on the show, so ID@Xbox got some love via a video, and a few developers getting on stage. In the compilation video, I noticed Goat Simulator which was a small enjoyable surprise. Space Engeneers, Super Hot and The Escapists got more love than the rest, with the developers showing on stage alongside some trailers for the games. With that, Xbox closed of ID@Xbox with Below, one of the indie titles they are putting their stakes on.

Then they went on to show a trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and announce a branded console, ready for pre-order.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, the successor to the popular game from 2012 that showed one of Lara Croft’s first adventures, was announced as an Xbox exclusive – which later turned out to be a timed exclusive. For how long is not known.

World premiere on gameplay demo for Quantum Break.

Fable Legends trailer

Screamride was announced, and it looks fun – looks like it will be a mesh of Rollercoaster Tycoon gameplay and stylewise, Kinect Rivals. Check the trailer;

The engines reared and Forza 5 expansions and events was announced, followed by some gameplay from Forza Horizon 2.

This was followed by some gameplay footage from Sunset Overdrive, a colourful shooter with a lot of humor involved, highly anticipated by many gamers.And a white Xbox One bundled with the game was revealed – however, the game enclosed with the console is digital.

There’s no Microsoft conference, keynote or press meeting without Halo. And Microsoft took their time telling all about the Halo franchise immediate future; they reminded us about the Halo; Master Chief Collection which contains the four first games in the series, a trailer for Halo 5: Guardians as well as announcing a multiplayer beta and a Halo Channel (I liked waypoint better as that was unique and personal – now they’re just ripping off Nintendo’s structure in my opinion) and ending it with a match between some of the best Halo players.

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