The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC “Dragonborn” Unveiled

Let the song of the Dragonborn sound again! Bethesda have officially unveiled their new DLC pack for its epic fantasy RPG – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The juicy new content was announced with a trailer, which gives us some hints as to what the content will contain.

The trailer showcases the island of Solstheim, located north-east of Skyrim, along with the introduction of a potential main antagonist – the very first Dragonborn – who once ruled the island. He appears to want what all quality evildoers want – to return from the dead.

The trailer also shows off quite a few new enemies to slay, and some new environments to slay them in. Although this isn’t the first appearance of Solstheim, the first outing was back in a Morrowind expansion called Bloodmoon.

We can only really speculate based on what’s shown in the trailer at this point. But it certainly looks as though we’ll be hopping on some dragons and taking them for a joyride, though what kind of restrictions will apply is unknown.

This will be the third DLC pack to release for the game. The first being Dawnguard, which was bursting with bloodthirsty vampires and enthralling story content. The second being Hearthfire, a “The Sims”-esque addon, which added everything you could want if you were considering settling down, building your own home, adopting some kids… spending countless hours collecting materials and navigating through endless, boring menu screens. It certainly didn’t add any kind of meaty story content.

As this expansion seems to be another meatfest in terms of story, then I guess the next one in line would be fluff. Who knows, maybe it’ll be called Dragonstyle, giving you outfits for all your pet dragons! And probably charming you into gathering all the materials to craft them as well… I jest, of course, but a Sims lover can dream eh?

The expansion pack, called Dragonborn, is set to release on 4th December for 1600 MS points on Xbox LIVE. But there’s no word about the PC version or the PS3 version. Though I wouldn’t be hoping on the PS3 version any time soon as they have to catch up with the other 2 DLC packs first…

Will this be bringing you back into the fray? Or does riding dragons not do it for you?

P.S If riding dragons doesn’t do it for you I suggest you see a doctor!

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